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Any advice or help is appreciated


Hi- my 6 year old son was dx with ADHD a month ago. He is also twice exceptional. We started meds. While he is making progress, he runs away from school and his grandmother, 30 suspensions for grade K this school yearthen we changed schools in February. He broke the flat screen in the family room last night with his toy bat because his 19 yr old brother wouldn’t let him have a third popsicle while I was out getting an oil change. I am depressed, drained, afraid, and not sure what to do. He is the brightest, most beautiful , loving boy. I have a 23 yr old adult son as well without any similar issues. Any advice on the way forward? I did reach out to an in home behavior therapy group and waiting to hear back. It’s not safe to leave him with anyone other than his parents and we are exhausted and afraid and need help.

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It is good that you are seeking help with his behaviors. Talk to the prescribing doctor about his medication dosing (is he on enough or the right medication or does he needs additional medication) and other resources for managing behaviors. It can be a long and challenging road and we have to make sure we have the needed supports.

Your story is like a page out of my life. My son is 6 and we have never left him with a babysitter because we feel the same way. Even when my mom watches him at our house it isn’t for very long. He’s run from school, threatened to kill himself, hit me, broken things, etc. you already know the story. We have been lucky in that the school has really worked with him, but only after I had a formal neuropsychological completed. He now has an IEP and a paraprofessional assigned to him. Things are going ok at school now that he got on medication that seems to help him more than what we have tried in the past. I also started using the nurtured heart approach with him which seems to be helping me to manage him at home. No miracles, but some days I don’t cry. I see that as an improvement. Our motto is to keep moving forward. We can’t change him, we can’t dwell on it, and we have to keep pushing forward. We have done therapy in the past and he seemed angry for days after. Then he would settle down and it would be time to go again. Occupational therapy was helpful to me. Our current behavior therapist is also more for me to learn to manage him. I’ve been told that at 6, he is really too young for therapy. Good luck!

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It is reassuring to know I am not alone and I applaud your efforts as I have spent the last two years doing many of the same things. He is currently doing a 3 hr school day with a para assigned to him and an IEP as well. A bit of a downer to hear he may be too young for behavioral therapy but if it will help me I am all for it. I feel out of my element and all I can do is cry everyday with little to no provocation which isn’t helpful but provides some kind of release so I can face the next day. Reading this forum, there are success stories but many who struggle. My thoughts are with you and your son. Thanks for your reply.

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Also curious to know if your son is involved in any activities... mine is currently enrolled in karate and private swim lessons which he enjoys. We are adding tennis but I love in fear of meltdowns or tantrums and stay for every lesson. I was advised to keep him as active as I can.

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We had him in a gymnastics class but they couldn’t manage him and I pulled him when he kicked a girl in the face. I’ve thought of karate, but I’m afraid he’ll learn some moves that may result in my untimely demise. So, now we are going to try swimming. He has recently expressed interest in soccer. We will look into it but I have fear that when someone takes the ball from him he will attack them. I have also been told to keep mine active but I work and already don’t pick him up until 6 pm. I’m trying my best...

Hi , sorry do late. Hopefully all is well now but, I think the tone of everyone voices can effect the situation. But you have to try different medications until you find the right ones. And children as young as him can take a afternoon pill as well as a morning pill.

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Thanks Kiandra- no reply is ever too late. We stopped adderall so no more destruction in our home but school is an ultimate struggle...

You can try folican or vivasne. Those the only 3 i know has an effect

You are definitely not alone. My 8yr old 3rd grader runs from his class at school, destroys his classroom at times, and has chased and hit other students in his class (their parents have started to call and complain). He takes Concerta and Risperidol (he just started this about 2 weeks ago after taking abilify and zoloft over the Summer) for ADHD and angry outbursts, and I have been to his school several times over the last few years. He says that he can't control his anger once he gets mad, and he was suspended for 2 days during the 2nd week of school. We have recently seen similar angry outbursts at home, which we never saw until this school year. I feel equally scared, overwhelmed, and desperate to help him. Hang in there!

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