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Thank you everyone!


Reading all these posts - is the first time in years I haven't felt alone! You guys are all doing a great job with your kids. Don't give up! These fun loving, super charged, full of life kids can be a lot to handle everyday. I know my daughter is. But they are so worth it. Thank you for being here to help each other out. It's hard to take care of them, and people don't always understand the unique challenges that they face and you guys as parents and caregivers face.

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Yes, it is extremely hard to take care of my ADHD son. I am a single mom and feel so overwhelmed, frustrated and depressed by it all. This is a great place to come to voice concerns and get support.

sea8shell in reply to Janice_H

I can't imagine being a single mom with an ADHD child. My husband works shifts, so I am alone with my daughter a lot, but he does come home and I do get a break. So, I feel for you.

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