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Wait, are you sure your talking about my kid?

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Went to the teachers conference, which I look forward to as much as a root canal. You know, they are smiling big and laughing with the parent prior to your meeting.. Then.. They see you and thier expression goes cold, Medusa like. Then you brace yourself for the polite tongue lashing recounting all the horrors your small child has inflicted on the teachers, classroom, classmates and class fish. Not this time!!!! The teacher says, oh your daughter (age 12) isn't with you? (She was sick) "I don't want to do the conference unless she can make it". Umm.. What had she done? "Nothing, she's been great and I want her to hear it". Ba ha, I'll take it!

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That's awesome! Congrats. Mines the opposite right now. Figuring I will be switching from private school to public soon since they do not seem educated on how ADHD can effect children.

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We had to change, well.. We were shown the door. Actually her teacher at the private Montessori had daughter that was same, and really 'got' it. She said, no more calls from school. No more feeling like they were building a case to kick her out. Best advice I've received. That was 1st grade, been in public since. No calls in last 5 years

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Thanks for this. It is encouraging.

I’d be interested in more information about schools that work. Our experience with public schools hasn’t been great. We had to fight to get any accommodations and now in fifth grade they say he won’t work at all. They won’t change teachers even when we suggested that might be appropriate. They blame it all on him and don’t get ADHD at all. They say he has to meet classroom expectations which includes sitting in his chair and not spinning his milk bottle in the cafeteria or even tapping his foot. The computer is his nemesis and he misuses it all the time and interrupts with information

Are you in the us? If so, get him a 504 plan

This is literally us. Feeling so hopeless in public school. Our 12 year old is just finishing 6th grade with d’s & c’s...one b...and literally can’t get started on his own and can’t stay “on task” for more than 10 minutes. Soooo upsetting. Weighing public vs private and continue to be so confused. Sigh.

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