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Resource: "Recognizing ADHD in the Classroom"

Are you an educator concerned about some of your students who may be affected by ADHD? Or are you a parent looking for a helpful resource for your child's teacher? CHADD's "Recognizing ADHD in the Classroom" is a helpful resource for classroom teachers looking for tips to helps their students be successful. Get your free copy now at bit.ly/CHADD-TeacherCard .

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I love the Recgonizing ADHD In the Classroom chart and the strategies educators can use to help students in their class who may have ADHD. I am both a parent of a child who has ADHD as well as a future educator-I will start my student teaching in the Fall of 2018. This information is exactly what I need. I have saved the information to my computer for future reference!


Wonderful !! Too bad none of the teachers my grandson has had in the Lansing school district have this attitude. They've just labeled him a troublemaker, made his school life miserable and negatively affected his self image though they know if his condition.


Hi Jackquick,

I'm sorry to hear this! You or your grandson's parents can download the Teacher card at bit.ly/CHADDTeacherCard or send it as an email to your grandson's teachers. They may find it help and maybe it will help your grandson. His parents can also give us a call, M-F, 1-5 p.m. ET, at 800-233-4050 and our Health Information Specialists would be happy to talk about possible ways to get him help he needs, so he won't be labeled at a troublemaker.

Best wishes,


The National Resource Center on ADHD


The link isn't working


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