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Homework help.

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My 11-year-old is a few weeks into 6th grade. This is a big jump where she is getting more homework and having to keep things organized. She is still struggling with self-evaluation and seems to do tasks just to get them done (in school and at home). The "did you check your work" question is always answered by a quick yes, but is actually not done.

She is to show me homework before it is turned in (worksheets and items on Google Classroom) but often skips this step or turns things in before they are reviewed. She has quickly shown that this leads to directions being only partially followed and missed questions. I struggle to determine a balance between nagging her to check and let me check her work and letting her get the lower grade for turning in incomplete work...

What tools has anyone used/found that may help with this?

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I can just say that I've been struggling with that same issue...'d suggest talking with the teacher and see what they will suggest. Maybe have a two weeks trial period. Tell your daughter that you.want to allow her to work independently and that you will check back with her in two weeks and re-evaluate. If she is struggling maybe she will see the need for you assisting her

Welcome to Middle school! The work gets much harder and organization is a must. My son also struggled with his chrome book and turning in homework. For the 1st quarter of the school year at the end of the day I checked all assignments and did not have him turn anything in until it was checked. Then we reviewed the work together and I watched him turn it in. This helped him establish the routine of what was expected. The good news is there is hope and they will get the routine. Now I periodically check my son’s chrome book and he knows if his grade fall we are back to me checking everyday,

My son is 11 (in 5th grade, we held him back) and we are having the same issue. He turns in his assignments on Google Classroom when they not done so it looks like he doesn't have any homework. I have resorted to sitting with him when he does them, but that is a struggle as well. I guess I will have to speak to the teacher (original conversation before I discovered the problem he said my son was doing "fine" and that he understood the material. But he is not.) I guess all I am trying to say is that I feel your pain.

Im still trying to figure this out myself. So far, this school year has been horrible

My 11 yo son just started 6 grade also and has ADHD. The nights I do not sit with him to assist and review his work I am faced with guilt feelings when he recieves a lower grade. Because I am a single mother and work two jobs I have arranged for a tutor four nights a week for 2 hours to provide additional educational support.

Hello, I have an 11 year old son in 6th grade too and he was very unorganized with his homework and school bag. From 4th grade we started having different subjects in a different color folder. So when he opened his school bag he knew what color was the subject he wanted. It helped him a lot to become more organised.

His handwriting, it's sloppy but that is normal for a child that is ADHD. He never sits still in his chair, he's always on the 2 legs of the chair. Don't get angry at your child just explain to them that the chair is old and it will break.

He gets angry very easy and losses focus when he does homework.... But he is so smart in other things.

Don't give your child medicine try to avoid any drugs.

ADHD children are special and very smart and you will see that this child will grow up to be an excellent adult.

If you wonder how I know this it's because I'm ADHD.

I'm 42 years old and I grew up thinking I was stupid because I had ugly handwriting, I would pass my classes with very low grades, I couldn't read well and I was very hyper active and always, always getting In trouble.

In the early 80's my parents didn't know about ADHD neither did my school. In high school I went half a day to a tech school because I hated school, I was not smart like the other kids, I wanted to drop out. When I went to Tech school half of the day, I did cooking class, baking class, computer class and fashion class. I did my last 2 years of my high school tech on fashion design. I did great. I even won 2 awards for my clothes design and creating a designed business.

Then my older sister saw I was good with hands on stuff she adviced me to go study media arts. My grades were so bad, my SAT's were so low that my university would only accept me as a part time student. Then a year later I became full time. After 5 years I graduated with my BA in Media Art.

I then started working at television stations being one of their top employee.

Then a teacher at a college for media editing.

I was then lucky to open my own small production studio and then my own cute little diner cafe.

The reason why I was able to do all this is because I am ADHD and proud of it.

I am so energetic and hyper I need to move around and work. Also to have the energy to come home to take care of the family and clean the house.

The point to my whole story is Do Not Worry about your child.

Just help them to work with their ADHD without making then feel dumb. Just let them get through school. School is BORING!

Help them find what they are good at and guide them to it. Keep loving them because they need that love and trust me it is going to be OK because ADHD is a blessing when they grow up. ❤

Thank you for the comments. I will be taking some pointers and make a plan for my middle-schooler. Just hearing it's a shared struggle is helpful.

Thank you for your insight, it is encouraging!

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