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ADHD young ‘adulting’ center/workshops??


I’ve been doing my best at parenting my son with ADHD for 19 years. He has dropped out of college and is not working but just started taking his meds again. He has many goals, dreams, and desires and is crazy talented but is really struggling with motivation, basic adulting, tools for coping with frustration, feeling alone, and dealing with depression. I’d love to find a Center that has peer interactions, classes, counseling, meds management, nutrition counseling etc. similar to The Thrive Center in Maryland...anyone know of anything out there?? Preferably on the West Coast? Thank you!!!!!

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It is great that he is taking his medication. It really sounds like he should start with some counseling to get him back on track ans maybe they can focus him onto a certain track.

Where is the "west coast", did he graduate high school? Has he has mental health services in the past? Good luck in helping to guide him.

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