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CBD oil for ADHD


My 15yr old son was medicated for ADHD FOR 7 yrs taking Concerta last which didn’t agree with him at all, he’s been off medication for 3yrs now n not had an education it that time, have any of u guys tried CBD oil and what were the results plz my son has been on this for 2days now and hopefully this will get him able to concentrate long enough to try school again x

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Please consider doing your research on other ADHD medications. There are many on the market now, including non-stimulants. I'm sure you and your son can find a medication that works for him. He needs to be back in school. You don't say if you have a good physician who can work with you in finding the best medication, but you also need to find one. You are not doing your son any favors by not helping him manage his disorder. ADHD medication is the only certain way to make sure he can move forward with his life.

Do your homework on it. However, that being said I'm giving it to my son. I don't like giving him narcotics for his ADHD. Amphetamines are what they prescribe for ADHD so lesser of two evils, in my opinion, is the CBD oil.

EJsMom in reply to Paula331

Can you tell me how is the CBD oil working? And a reputable source to buy it, if you know of one?


Thank you for sharing your views, there is a clear differences in giving a child of any age a medication that has been researched, trials have been conducted and studies have been done and are controlled by medical doctors and approved by the FDA. We all have choices as parents but the reasons I have not chosen CB oil is that (to my knowledge, from the limited research I have done) there have been no funded, human trial that show that CB oil is safe for oral consumption, also there is no way to have one type of oil that is produced "purely", and once taken many children/ people say the child will not need to increase the amount they take in the future. Furthermore it is my understanding that it might also impairs long term memory in some way. One last scary side effect is that I have also read that CB is often a "gateway" to other more addictive substances.

These are just my thoughts and reasons for not using it with my child.

We all have choices but please consider things before starting children on it.

I read the other replies and I started a reply and then deleted. I’m really torn about this.

I agree a doctor can help navigate the medications with you and your son. However, when you’ve tried them all and nothing works, what is the next step? My son is almost 14. He has been on adderall, concerta, vyvanse, strattera, intuniv and Wellbutrin.

The stimulants all failed to help. The other helped just a little bit. I wasn’t looking for a magic pill either, just something to help improve his ability to control himself at school. Wellbutrin was the most effective. All of these were tried under doctors supervision.

Now I’m at the point of trying CBD.

In my opinion all those are the medications can be addictive and/or have unwanted side effects; despite being fda approved.

The CBD oil has either zero thc or trace amounts; which means it does not get you high.

Personally I feel it’s worth a trial run.

Sometimes we find natural substances like fish oil can have a huge benefit.

If CBD could help with his schooling then I’d be thrilled. I will tell his physician about this of course.

Good luck to all!

nurse_nelly in reply to EJsMom


All natural. My son started gummies and is now off all meds.

Hey EJsMom and Teresathomson72: How did your guys' trial of CBD go?

I'm not sure if your kid is still using CBD, but if he/she needs more than 1,000mg a month of CBD oil you might want to check out a membership via familyhempsource.com. I joined their membership program so that I could buy the CBD we needed at wholesale prices. It's been so awesome/affordable for my family. I think they are starting their second pilot program soon (which basically means they are adding 30 more members) anyways the membership helps make high-quality CBD oil more affordable for families. It's organically grown, C02 extracted. It's good stuff. Best of luck!


I am curious if you tried a higher dose? That is what helped us, they say under doses him. They started at 10mg and he needed 30mg and his regulab MD did not know what dose what right for him. It was also helpful to have the focus and impulse control together not just impulse control.

One last question are you doing behavior management/counseling? Our pediatric psychiatrist said Medication only controls %60 of behavior. But boy what a difference, when it works!

Good luck with your choices.

How do you get your child to take prescribed meds when they are resistant? My son is 11 ADHD and ODD.

He didn’t know any different as he’d been on prescribed meds for nearly 7yrs so was habit and routine, he’s also ADD so loved routine

It doesn't sound like he sees how much the medication makes his life better...

Our psychologist helps with that. We start the day with his medication and his favorite drink, there is no choice.

Maybe he needs a reward each day?

Have you tried a reward system with a 15yr old hormonal teenager lol seriously we have tried all sorts of meds, Concerta. Equisim XL. both surpressed him so much didn’t have an appetite didn’t sleep still doesn’t sleep was self harming on the Concerta. There are no side effects from the CBD oil he’s calm but not surpressed he eats well and asleep by 2am which believe me is good. Thank you all for your opinions it’s all trial and error x

glad you know what you are doing. I was surprised to read ( JAMA, 2017) just today that the study done %70 of online CB oil was found to not have the right dose in it. Also read that this company bought 84 products on line and found that had THC and other ingredients in them.. just know the facts before you give them to you child.

This was in a Time magazine article.

Best of luck. Hope you find something that helps.

Take care.

It is totally illegal to sell with THC’s In which is why I don’t buy on line, I know my seller I know the ingredients this is totally my last resort to help him without all the side affects of meds. I’m so glad I also stumbled across this site as it’s a great help to hear others views thank you x

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