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Hello! My first post...

I have a 12 year old son w ADHD and wanted to try CBD gummies for him. Anyone out there who's had success with this..?

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I would do a lot of research before going this route - because it is not well regulated, not all food/consumable items have the actual therapeutic dose in it. Most things you can just buy are not at therapeutic levels. I would consult an open minded physician that specializes in ADHD. I have never personally read anything on CBD to help ADHD, but I have just started down this path, so that doesn't mean a whole lot. There is a really interesting article in Reason magazine - it may be on their website too, about how CBD is both a miracle and snake oil at the same time, depending on what you buy, whether is medical grade and is at the therapeutic level.... My main experience with this was using max CBD cookies prescribed by our vet to help our dog who had cancer. I would need to see very compelling evidence, in medical journals, for its use before I gave any to my child for ADHD. ...I am not trying to be a downer or negative. I am naturally skeptical and like to know exactly what I am doing before I do anything.

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I also like to know what I am doing before I do anything. I also have read a ton of research on this. I also have consulted a physician.

I am looking for an answer to my question, if anyone has experience to share. Not a lecture. Thanks

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I am so sorry that came across as a lecture. That is not what I intended at all.

You did an amazing job trying to help out with real life examples. Thanks

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It didn't come off as a lecture at all.. Great advice! Thank you!


Hello Isohn,

This is something you should discuss with your son's doctor. There is no research on CBD oil for children and young teens and many open questions about effectiveness, safety, and long term use. It is not recommended by ADHD experts.

Take a look at our article on what is know about CBD oil and ADHD at bit.ly/nrc-cbdoil . I hope it helps.

Best regards,


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If you search inside this group ( in the same area the post is listed) there are 31 posts that talk about CBD oil and many of them talk about their personal experiences. You could even send a message to a member if you wanted to connect with them.

Best of look in finding what you are looking for.

They actually had a long discussion on our local news station about seemed CBD. The question actually about was about whether it would show up in drug test for a job. There is a certain percentage that is supposed to help with anxiety that will not affect a drug test. But they said this was not regulated by the FDA and many CBD products had much more than recommended.

I don't know how you would find out which ones are reputable.

There is a great group called CBD for adhd on Facebook. Every child is different so some cbd won’t work or work better , I persoanllly used palmetto harmony and my son is doing great .

I will take him off meds over summmer break and see

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Could you tell me the exact FB group name? Several of them come up. Thx!

You may know this, but there is a private Facebook forum called CBD for kids and you can fish through posts and see the all diff. kinds of experiences for children who may have ADHD. Most people seem to be using the oil along with other supplements as well.

Have you tried omega3?

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