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Looking support

Hello this is my first time on here i have been looking for support with my son that as ADHD i feel like I have no support with my family and friends i got into a aurge met with a close friend of mine she doesn't understand and she tells me I'm missing out on a lot because of my son my feeling was so hurt she made it seem like he is Aberdeen I'm sorry to be going on about it it's just i needed to talk to someone that can relate thank you for letting me sure

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I understand what you're going through. I joined this site to connect with other moms of ADHD sons and hopefully build a support network. My son is 11 (actually, he will be in May) and it's been SO difficult for him to find friends. It breaks my heart! My family doesn't get it, so I understand what you're saying about your friend not getting it. I'm glad you reached out to people who understand what you're going through. :)

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Thank you,

Just by posting this i feel that im not lone. I have been feeling lost and alone


I know how you feel. When all you want to do is help your child and your closest family and friends don’t understand or seem to care it can feel like the loneliest place on earth. Just believe in yourself that you are capable of making the right choices for your child. It’s not easy by any means and the right choices can be far from obvious but you truly know your child best. And there are many many parents going through similar situations and they feel your pain even if you’ve never met them as cheesy as that sounds it is true.


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