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Looking for teen/peer support group

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Hi, I am the father to a very smart, wonderful 13yo boy who struggles with ADHD (as well as anxiety). We are fortunate to be able to keep it very manageable with the right combination of meds (knock on wood).

I've been thinking that it would be helpful if he had some peers (other teens in that 12-15 range) to talk with once in a while. A place to trade advice, coping mechanisms, not feel so alone, etc. Like a support group. Something informal, without a lot of adult oversight so they can be open and honest with each other, perhaps one authority figure to moderate and help facilitate conversation if it stagnates. I'm picturing sort of an AA meeting type scenario. I'm thinking they could even just play games like Among Us, with each other occasionally as well - it doesn't always have to be heavy talk.

I reached out to my local CHADD group to see if they had anything and they recommended reaching out here.

Obviously this would currently be a virtual meeting - but with hopes of in person at some point.

Does such a thing exist already?

Thank you everyone for reading this. I'll just end, by saying something I wish I heard more often. I appreciate you and all the work and effort you go through to help those you love.

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What a wonderful idea. I hope someone is able to tell us that this does exist and how to join.

Thanks for your message.

This is a great idea, a way to get like minds together who can relate to one another. I pray you are able to find someone to help you with this mission. Blessings!

Anyone interested in starting a FB group so we can schedule these type meetings? Perhaps we can work together to come up with topics.

I've thought about reaching out and starting one but I haven't for two reasons:

1.) If I ran it, my son wouldn't feel as free to share and express himself with dad running the group (which could be solved if we had a group of adults that took turns moderating).

2.) Not being professionally trained - what are the liability issues of running/managing a group like this. Would I be legally responsible if one of the kids acted on advice and it didn't turn out well.

Not to say these issues couldn't be overcome - but dropping into an existing structure would work so much easier. But the more research I've done into this, the more it looks like this doesn't exist and I would need to at least get things moving to realize it.

My son is 16 and would love to be part of something like this

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