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IEP questions

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Hello there,

I have a meeting coming in May and would like to change/ add things to my son ‘s IEP.

What exactly do you have an your teenagers IEP?

So far we have -

-extra time for tests, projects

- text to speech

-post assignments

- provide study outlines

-access to computer

-preferential seating

-positive reinforcement, daily feedback to students

- check work in progress

-visuals to support instructions

-second copies of materials to keep home

-give verbal reminders to check folders for finished work to be turned in

-chunk long assignments

-highlight key terms and instructions

-verbal reminders of importance of a assignment and possible incentive

Now, what else?

Right now, he is at the stage where he doesn’t do class work, hides homeworks. He gets F for not being prepared to the class ex. Doesn’t have a book with him, or pencil, or left papers in the lockers.

First quarter he was Honor Roll student, but the worst is the impulsive part, calling names, saying “ I won’t do that” to the teachers.

What do you have on your kids IEP?

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Thank you for posting this. I don’t have any feedback for you because we are finally hoping to get my 14 year old son on an IEP. We just had him tested through the school and we have our first meeting in 2 weeks. I am completely new to this so I have no idea what to ask for. I love your list, that looks like what my son needs. He is on a 504 now and he hates school and is failing his classes.

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Aniusia in reply to Icunney

Some teachers still don’t follow it. His ELA teacher keeps giving him F for “preparation”, while his tests, quizzes are A and B’s. Well his average is C- because she wouldn’t ask him to check his backpack or folder for materials. He has it with him, just doesn’t remember he has it .

Icunney, basically, don’t be shy, run the show, ask for anything you think would help your son.

This sounds like my 11 year old grandson, although it changing medication seems to keep him more stable in school.

I actually have a meeting Monday about his IEP. His counselor said I should ask for extra time to turn in assignments with no penalty. He also has or he can asked to leave the classroom if he's feeling unstable.

The counselor who used to be a special ed teacher says teachers don't often read all these modifications so you have to stay on top of it if they are not following it. My grandson has an inclusion teacher I can contact if things are not being followed.

I just found this: it might be helpful

How about decreased or no homework? What about doing any necessary homework in a resource room or with a tutor?

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Aniusia in reply to seller

I believe you can absolutely ask for that. My child would absolutely not want to do homework with tutor. It would create even more fights , that’s why I never asked for that, but I know that it is not unusual.

It sounds like you have everything to me. I think you should make sure your general ed, special ed OT, SPL you and support for you are at the meeting.

Make sure next level if teacher know of his IEP or 504 Plan.

About the homework with a tutor......this may not apply to your kid now, but perhaps in the son did not want to do homework and he especially did not want me bugging him about it, even if I would help him with the assignments (which almost always backfires in the end). When my son was about 16, we finally found a tutor in our neighborhood and she did homework with my son 3 days a week right after school. This is the only way he passed his junior year!

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