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How do you react to a child with adhd/odd

I need help, some suggestions...my 11 year old son had adhd/odd. He is acting out a lot lately without feeling bad about what he has said or done. I love him so much, he is causing so much caious with his behaviors and respect for others. Now he is getting in trouble at school. Does anyone know some coping skills to help him and our family?

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Dear friend, I am also in the same boat. My son is 11 and at this age they are going through a mental and physical change. My son keeps on playing a soft ball to keep his calm and I allow him to do that when he wants. Some times during studies he wants the television on. Two things parallel help them. It depends what your son likes. Remember don't expect them to be 100 percent perfect 💯✨like others. That has helped me. I think my son is beyond that in his own way. So instead of me saying him what to do I mostly listen to him and try keep him cool. Then I tried to explain him my point of view for the same, ask him which one he likes to follow. It is kind of discussion rather than instruction. Lots of patients and time it demands. Still we have to deal with it as our sons are also have to deal with their special brain. This is something they have no control of.

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