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6 week suspension from school may soon be over for my 13 year old son!

Wish us luck! Our attorney is filing our due process complaint tomorrow. He did a great job! Our son has ADHD, ODD, Tourette syndrome, and Anxiety disorder. He has been suspended for 6 weeks from his school. He misses his peers.

Monday is our reinstatement hearing to see if we can get his placement changed back to going to school. I am nervous ! I have had knots in my stomach for 6 weeks. We only have to put up with this school for 3 more months then school is over. Not sure where he is going to go to school next year. I am sure wherever he goes they will want his IEP and BIP before school begins! Any academy is better that the one he is attending now! I have learned my lesson. Small charter schools are jot always the answer for complicated kiddos!

WISH US LUCK and stay tuned... I will let you know how it turns out!

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Good luck. My daughter went to a private school on and it was a struggle the whole time getting them to deal with her. My grandkids are in public school and even though it hasn't been a smooth ride you get much more support there.

Good luck on your hearing

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Thank you! This journey has been one of the hardest for me so far! We still have four years of schooling to go! Pretty nervous about it!! Thanks fu of your support


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