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IEP meeting went great

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Yesterday we had my grandson's IEP meeting. It went great. The teachers and therapist's all had great things to say about him. They , requesting andall say that he compliments them everyday of their appearance. They didn't focus on the negative things that have happened, They were focus the things that they could do get focused, sensory breaks, and where they could support him more academically.

I spent so much time over the past few preparing for this meeting that I was over prepared. I downloaded a bundle of documents telling what to ask and what to look for, who to contact at the school and writing a letter requesting 504 plan when he already has an IEP n place. I even went as far as asking for them to administer an inteligance scale test, which I wanted to use to get into a private school. After all that, I think were good where we're at, a free education at a public school that can offer the same education as a private school.

through it all, I am curious about one thing, When do they pull all of the basically one on one assistance. I think someone is sitting with him nearly all day or he goes to therapy where he gets still more one to one time with an adult. He craves that attention, but what would his day look like when they slowly pull that support and will he be able to maintain, cause he's not doing a very good job here at home. I sit with him all through homework time.

Back to the positive, we were told that we no longer has to spend hours on homework or do it to completion, all night. Set a specific time limit for homework, weather it be 30 min or an hour, and break it up into pieces, and done or not be done.

Next battle!

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Great news! Sounds like he has a wonderful grandmother and an extremely supportive school.

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My son is trying to reduce the help he gets from his paraprofessional. They just slowly try to reduce the amount of help he is getting to see how he does but she is there if needed. They shouldn’t yank the person all at once but will probably just see how things go. Check in on it at your next IEP meeting. My son also has more issues at home. I’m currently doing the nurtured heart approach and I think it would be beneficial for you to look into as you’ve already recognized he craves attention. Good job and good luck!

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Best of luckk for youu dear .

Also i m wondering is it possible to ask for 504 even if you already have IEP .

Your answer also openingvthe new ideas for me.

In which grade he is and what he have on his Iep already

Please share it will support me alot please ,

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Grandma01 in reply to ha11

My grand son is in the first few grade. I read and that can not have a 504 plan and an IEP. I adked about a 504 and was told that the 504 was for a situation like when a kid breaks his arm and needs accommodations for it. IEP supports more academically and the goals the team sets for a child during the school year, as well as any special support needed to help achieve them.

I not sure what asking about from our rip. But went something like this... instead having recognise 75 sight word reading he will not have to learn 50, and they tell you when they would like him to achieve this goal and they can help him do it. A cushion to sit on, a band at the bottom of chair for restless legs, sitting closer to teacher and away from distraction if Windows and doors.

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On last Iep my son child study team just focussed on negativities even teacher brought his incomplete journal notebook and i feel so down and amazed before that teacher never told me hes not doing good in journal she mostly talked about maths .

Also before IEP do u guys also talk to teacher what she will present at IEP

??????? about your kid

also my son hav strenghts and passed test that teacher didnot discuss at previous IEP.

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Shotsymama in reply to ha11

Sounds like your sons teacher is out of touch with his needs. Maybe this environment isn't a good fit. Can you have a parent teacher conference and address this? She sounds overwhelmed and negative. That will only hurt, not help.

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Really sounds like your grandson has an understanding and positive school environment! That is soooooo important! Public school can be great, it all depends on the adults that work there and if they are willing to go the extra mile for the kids. Wish every school was like this! As far as I'm concerned it's their job, different kids need different tools and help to succeed. I'm excited for my little man to start kindergarten, VPK and child care centers just don't provide that kind of support.

Your grandson is lucky to have you in his life ☺️

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Grandma01 in reply to Shotsymama

Thank so much! This only after a few daycare centers, a great preschool, not so bad kindergarten at reg pub Schl, and now we're at chater school. A few weeks ago I was ready to give up and look for yet another achool. After meeting I realized that with just a bit more support he's going to survive and the charter Schl is offering nearly the same support without the fancy price tag.

Basically read as much as you can about IEP"s write down what you think is important to you and your son. You will hear all the things you need to know. If your son is still out if control and you've talked and talked maybe a visit to the school isn't a bad idea.

Your son knows what's going on, we have to listen really hard. I've arguments with my grandson many times about the things he wants and turns out he's not far off the mark.

Look for someone to treat your child the way do. If praise is what you give out , then praise is what you want in return.

They are very smart kids they show learning in a different way. ABC"s and 123"s of school is not their thing, it come later.


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Hi my name is tanya and I just seen your post. Well I was wandering if you can Explain to me What to expect from a meeting Like this because I have a meeting tomorrow and I'm totally going in somewhat blind of this are or if you can give me the links are to were you found like the questions that they're gonna ask what qualifies under it Thank you

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Hi, nice to meet you! I use UNDERSTOOD.ORG and ADDITUDEMAG.COM.

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