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afternoon suspension again

Anybody worired the their school is not bully proof, take it from it mine is. Grandson suspended from school again. Same of story. Someone got in his way and he took care of the problem on his own my punching the person in the stomach. It led to an afternoon suspension. He'll be admitted back tomorrow after a morning meet explaining the situation and his mother sign the incident paper.

I know this is not right. I thinks he's about what a bully is and what a person getting in way is. He's is an orange belt in Karate. He was paired with another student last night where they were working on a similar defense technique and at the end of class another student tried to take his right place at the beginning of the line up, as he was one of the higher ranks. The Sensi in charge handled the situation.

Now he's home from school where he didn't want to be any. I'm not happy about what happened but I can see what happened and as of late I haven't been really playful. Because I see his age at 6 and expecting him to act 6, but he's not 6. Sometime he acts like 2, then other times he acts like he 10 or something.

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My 5 year old couldn’t even get through an hour of school yesterday before causing a huge scene and getting suspended. He said he didn’t want to do the work because it was too boring, but I think the real reason is that he’s still learning and therefore not perfect, so he gets frustrated and wants to escape. Last week was the first one where he even had the ability to go all week since before Christmas break, and he got sent home on Thursday. I don’t have much advice, but you aren’t alone.


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