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Hello! Mom learning everyday how to be there for her son

I am new here! So glad I found this community. I’m having such a struggle to find any way to help my son. He is the sweetest 5 year old! My first born. He hasn’t been diagnosed yet with ADHD but he seems to show every sign. I have been doing my research and all comes back to ADHD. We have our first therapists session in a few days. There is so much I want to discuss and bring up. Everyday is a challenge. And when I pick him up from class his teacher has something new to add. At home he also struggles to follow direction, concentrate or even to have a conversation with us. He can’t seem to focus. It’s heartbreaking, I want the best for him. And I can’t stop thinking maybe we haven’t helped at all or haven’t done the best we can. He is all I think about everyday all the time.

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The fact that you joined this group and communicate with his teacher daily shows you love your son. ❤


Thank you!


Patience Patience Patience. They require so much patience. It will all come together soon. One on one is often the best. Directions given one at a time. Find a surject he likes. I promise when you find it he will talk. Find an interest he likes. He will want to do it again and again. Research Autism and Asperger's syndrome for the language aspect.

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