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Meltdown day for everyone in the house😔

Aloha! I have a 7 year old son and a 14 year old son with adhd. I am drained and overwhelmed and am looking for support to get through these trying moments.

My 7 year old son has been yelling, hitting, throwing, and destroying our belongings. I can't imagine how a parent can stay so calm and firm when this happens. Time out, take away privileges, talking calm...all doesn't phase him. We live in a small condo and when I put him in his room to try and calm him down, his yelling/screaming is so loud that we get noise complaints. He destroys everything around him. If I hold him to calm him down, he starts to attack me. I've broken down many times and had to punish him. I feel guilty, a failure as a parent, irriated when therapists can't relate to what I am going through. Thank you for lending an ear fellow parents!

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Does he take any meds? That is how my youngest was before we started concerta. He also has an hour therapy session every other week, and while he says he hates going, he does so much better after having her listen to his complaints. She helps him come up with better strategies for when he's overwhelmed. We still have a long road but there's definitely been progress!

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Don't worry we are here with you! Believe me I understand exactly how you feel about the yelling and screaming !! It drives me crazy when he is NOT on meds!!!..smh I think the great thing is you are Not alone and you guys are working as a team. Stick at it and you will be okay. It sounds like you are against meds??? They work wonders, but if you don't feel comfortable try taking them to the park or keep them active in sports, the arts, or the band. That's was I try to do cause my son will drive me crazy SO I try and keep him busy... and as for your neighbors, they are stupid and who cares what they think! People look at me funny all the time I just stopped caring!


We had to add risperidone to my grandson's ADHD medication. The only thing that's kept him from breaking Windows, TVs, doors, so I know what you're talking about


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