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I appreciate the advice but I’m really just here to vent

While I appreciate all the helpful advice from other parents on this site, I really just blog to help myself vent and to help other parents realize that they aren’t alone in this struggle. No one is more aware of my son’s troubles than me and no one is doing more to help him than me. Everyone here is so quick to think he needs a different medicine or that he needs to be tested for other things, etc...I will never change his meds based on something someone said on the Internet. Those saying he needs a different medicine aren’t around my son. They don’t know him. As I said I appreciate the advice you all try to give me but I really just use this as a way to feel like I am being heard. Please just read my blogs and if you feel the need to chime in, please only do so with words of encouragement and understanding not with what worked for your child or telling me I should be doing something different. Thank you

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Your son is very lucky to have you!

It’s great that you have this outlet to vent, get some emotions out and see there are others that have similar journeys . When I was going through similar issues 10 years ago there was no such space and I remember feeling so alone. Everything - I had to find out on my own (medication, therapy, IEPs, finding a specialist etc). Between dealing with my sons issues and researching on top of that -it’s just exhausting- plus I never knew what Information I was missing. Could I be doing/trying something else but not even know about it?

So I guess what I’m trying to say is although sometimes one just doesn’t want to hear from others (I never wanted to hear advice from my own family- lol. they just didn’t get it), you have a bunch of people who do understand and somewhere in their comments/ sharing their similar journeys there may be something that you never thought of before that might help (amongst the stuff that you already tried).

Good luck!


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