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I'm new here and I need help

Hello everyone, I'm new here and I have a 16 year old son that hasn't been diagnosed with ADHD but he is having problems in school ( grades), at home with his brothers, following directions, etc. We don't know where to go or what to do. Can somebody guide me and tell me which is the first step in this cases. Thank you very much for your help

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You should probably talk to his doctor and maybe get some feedback from his teachers, if possible. ADHD usually presents earlier (symptoms seen before age 7 -maybe noticed later if inattentive-type). Check out the CHADD website where you can likely see a list of signs/symptoms and see if your son has some of them.

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I'm new to this also. My son was just diagnosed with ADHD - mild inattentive type at 12 years old. I knew something was up when I saw him struggling in school ( he was always pretty good in the early elementary grades in fact well above average). He was working too hard for the grades he was getting and it didn't seem to come easy for him any more.

I took him to Educational Psychologists and he tested him in everything . He spent one full day with him doing a battery of test. He clearly rule out every other learning" issue.

The Psychologists ran down all our options or the type of support we could look into to support our child, from medication to nuro something training.

Hope this helps

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Hello---- ok, so I can only speak from my experience with 4 sons of my own. How has he done in school, with grades, with siblings and with following directions in the past? Like since grade school. Did he ever have issues in the past that are consistent with the issues today? If not........he may be experimenting with drugs and alcohol which are causing mood swings, difficulty focusing and irritability which will obviously cause issues with getting along with you and the siblings and even friends. Or has there been one of the 5 big changes in life- Divorce, Death of family member, change in School/ Job a relocation or Financial difficulties in the family?


I, too, am amazed that he had gotten this old and not had to have any intervention. For diagnosis we went to the teachers and had them fill out a form, talk to the doctors about what was going on. But my daughter and my grandkids were all diagnosed in grade school.


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