Hi everyone I’m new on here my son has adhd and odd can someone explain how it affects their daily life and what issues they face with in everyday life as I don’t really understand this condition thankyou


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8 Replies

  • For me I just think that my son can not stay focused and pay attention during the day without his meds. It really scares me! He goes to a good school and the teachers really work with him and they know he has it and they know I am a concerned parent.

  • I worry for my son when he gets into middle school and becomes an adult.

  • Same here school is very good with me i just worry so much about her while I’m at wrk or away from her how is she is she getting along with others is she making friends 🙁

  • Girl YES!! Me too! I don't want him to get picked on, which thank the lord it hasn't happen, but you know how you just want your child to be happy and able to socialize. My son is not very social on his meds...

  • In my experience my 7yr old has the same diagnosis it alters there ability to focus an impairs there ability to not be impulsive at times so they make poor choices based on being over impulsive An there attention span is shorter than most An the way they store information

  • They live in the moment. There's no yesterday or tomorrow. So, immediate gratification makes them tick. They lack the ability to regulate impulses, so poor boundaries, minimal inhibitions, minimal thought of consequences for behavior, good or bad. They have trouble coping with change and uncertainty, and do best with structure and consistency. They struggle to do tedious steps to get to a goal, even highly desired goals. On the other hand, they can be highly emotional in a good way, bring tears of joy and laughter. They can be very engaging and gregarious. They wear their hearts on their sleeve and can be dramatic and overreactive, but with that, they demonstrate their love for you and others like no other child.

  • You are point on!

  • Middle school is when bullying really gets bad!

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