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My son is 3 and was diagnosed with combined adhd


Hi I’m new to this my son was diagnosed with the combined type of adhd on dec 27 2017 . He is only 3 years old . What can I do to help or resources to read up on thank you .

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What is the combined type of ADHD?

The combined type is when the adhd is both hyperactive and impulsive. My son is the combined type too. I always had a hunch from a toddler, but we only officially had him tested and diagnosed 6 months ago at age 7. In a way it was helpful to know as it helps me understand him better. He also has a complex tic disorder. He’s an amazing kid, very high functioning but so extreme - as in he can be an absolute angel boy one minute and then switch to unmanageable in the blink of an eye. Life is exhausting most of the time, but I find that reading about adhd and tics helps me understand how his mind works so I don’t personalise his behaviour quite as much as I used to.

This is my first post/reply... I tend to host read everyone else’s as it helps to know others are going through the same thing. So thanks to all for posting!

I’ve never heard it called combined. My son is very impulsive. Usually that is what gets him in trouble.

Recently I’ve noticed my son playing with his eye lashes and also rubbing his lips with his arm. He does this a lot. Could that be a tic?

Sorry I should correct my last post - combined is both inattentive and hyperactive/impulsive types. I totally agree that the impulsive part causes the most challenges!

As for your son, it’s hard to say for sure if they are tics or not. How old is he and how long has he been doing it? The paediatric neurologist my son sees told us that simple tics are quite common in boys and they usually grow out of them. Complex tics may or may not grow out.

He is 5 1/2 and I’ve noticed it just this past month. My dad actually pointed out that he was playing with his eyes. I let him ride an animal scooter thing at the mall over the break and it was like every 5 seconds he would rub his mouth and then 5 more seconds play with his eyelashes. Maybe a concentration thing? Who knows!!

My son used to play with his eyelashes and the hairs on his arms and blink a lot... I noticed that on and off from around 2yrs. But at 5 1/2 was when the obvious tics began and became constant. Pulling at his shirt, stretching his arms/hands/legs, throwing his head back, sometimes a combo of all! Sounds extreme but it’s amazing how many of his tics other people don’t even notice! (Except the extreme ones like the head throwing)

sounds like it could be tics. My son at 5 would not talk about it, would get defensive, but now at 7 explains the feelings very well. Maybe try watching and waiting and see how it goes... it could disappear or if not perhaps look into it. I can empathise with your stress as it’s another thing to add to it all!

Fatigue tends to make it worse... and if he is getting sick with a virus or something.

Hello, firstly each child is different so not everything will work for everyone.

My daughter was diagnosed in September at the age of 4 with ADHD combination form. Depending on what state you live in will depend on what you can do. I live in NY once your child is diagnosed you are eligible to enroll your child in early intervention. There they will work with you on creating an IEP, and implementing different therapies and techniques that will help in the end.

With my daughter we have found that by giving her a weighted blanket it helped her sit down and focus. We also discovered that by allowing her to play with play dough, thinking puddy, or clay also helped in her being able to focus and keep her hands busy.

With OT and PT she has excelled in her classes. I have been reading taking charge of ADHD the 3rd edition. It has helped explain a lot and given me some great tools.

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