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My 5-year-old daughter's doctor wants us to try one of these and asked if I would look into them and see if I felt comfortable trying one of these three. Does anyone have any experience and can give me pros or cons. Please don't say 'don't try any' i am looking for opinions if we decide we are going to pick one. Thanks <3

I've always heard very negative things about Ritalin but I'm trying to go in with an open mind.

Adderall and Dexedrine I don't know much about

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hey,one thing i can say is it takes a couple of tries to find the right one,every one works differently.We tried adderall and it made him like a zombie worst,its like he didnt even exist,we tried guanfacine 2 years now very good and it actaully does not decrease appetite at all,before that we tried a methamphetamine and made him very aggressive had to be taken off immediately,dont get discourage just research side effects and you know your child best.


Thank you. I know no matter what everyone else says it may not for for us I’m just trying to pick which one I think is best to try first


my son took Ritalin from the begining and he did for 2 years thrn upgraded to the same but concerta.

It gives you expected resultto. It keeps the child calm and concentrated. The feed back from the teacher after giving Ritalin was good.

The side effects are loss of appetite head ace and leg pain in some.

The unbearable one s he doesn't eat even the most favourite food f him when under medication. So before u give Ritalin feed ur child well.

This s a shirt term medicine which, wirks for 5hrs might change as per each individual.

But this s not permanent relief. I have stopped. As u asked for opinion I have shared

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This is exactly the type of advice I was looking for thanks


Hi! It is interesting that the doctor asked you to look into those three. Adderall and Dexedrine are basically both amphetamine stimulants and Ritalin is a methylphenidate. Methylphenidate is the most common drug prescribed. Those are the two classes of stimulants. Most MDs will start with one class, and if it doesn't help as desire, they switch to the other.

Pros of either class of stimulant:

One of them is likely to work (90%+ response rate).

The right medication and dosage is AMAZING help for the kiddo.

Many, many longitudinal studies (long term studies over decades) show they are safe.

Cons of either class of stimulant:

There are some very common side effects such as suppressed appetite and trouble with sleep.

Your child is likely to be more "subdued." Of course the non-hyper part of this is what we want. But, if you child has a very bubbly personality, for example, that bubbliness will also be subdued. It is definitely a trade-off.

Dosage adjustments will most likely be required as they grow.

It really dosn't matter much which of the three you start with. My son started with Focalin (methylphenidate), but we switched to Vyvanse (amphetamine) and WOW, amazing difference. For other kids it has been the opposite.

I highly suggest working with a psychiatrist if at all possible (if you aren't already). They deal with the side effects and other issues that can go along with ADHD every day, all day long. Be aware of the most common side effects. It is amazing to me (as a counselor) how many people are prescribed medication but not told about the most common side effects!



List of ADHD Medications:

Dr. Russell Barkely (the 90% response rate stat) -

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Yes we have one. She is the one that is recommending these. At first she said Ritalin but some people in my family have had some issue some of which were not fixed once they came off which is part of why I shut it down last visit. Because of her age we only have a few options that the insurance will cover.


Ah, gotcha. I hope you can get things figured out. I know it can take a while and the trial and error process is very exhausting.

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My 6.5 year old daughter is on adderal 5 mg XR. It is enough to just take the edge off for the trouble she was having in school. Her personality is still bubbly and active but she is better able to concentrate and not getting in trouble (as much). Her teacher still tries different things to help her stay focused and does not think we need to increase her dosage. After school activities are a little hard b/c it doesn’t last long enough. We have a non extended release 5 mg tablet we can use after school but most of the time it is just not practical to give with our schedule

We tried methylphenidate 18 mg for one week to see if it would be longer acting and she was very emotional, crying easily and upset about everything. Took her off. Interesting b/c I am on concerta 36 mg with little to no side effects.

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