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New to the post looking for advice in helping adult son with ADHD


Hello, I’m new to this post. Looking for support and advice in how best to help our son who has ADHD and depression and aniexty that is preventing him from fully finctioning.



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Is he on any medication?

Yes, he started taking cymbalta for the depression and anxiety and Adderall for ADHD on 1 November. He withdrew from classes this system so it’s hard to get a sense of adderall’s effectiveness on ADHD. Don’t believe he has been on cymbals long enough for it to help him.

He is not communicating much with us so it is difficult to get a good sense of how is doing. He has missed several visits with his therapist, which is not good.

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Sometimes the medications can make them depressed to. Did you read up on the side affects?

I have a son who is going through the same thing. He recently started high school and is overwhelmed with it all so much that he shuts down in class and does nothing. It’s so frustrating and upsetting as a parent to see your child go through this and feel helpless because you do not know what to do for them to help. The counselors at the school were very helpful and changed his classes as well as gave me psychologists for him to talk to. He also goes to the crisis center to talk to the counselors there. Try school and see what type of support they can give your son and if it helps.

Hey Bill, my husband struggles with ADHD. Most medications made his symptoms worse that we had to get off them totally. I read a story about someone struggling with ADHD anxiety and depression. They got of all their meds and starting taking 5-HTP and L-Tryosine. He said it worked tremendously. I havent been able to keep my husband on it consistently enough to see if it works but you can find the 5-HTP at walmart and L-Tryosine at places like GNC.

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