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Parents of Newly Diagnosed ADHD Son

Hello there. My son, 7, was just diagnosed today with ADHD. I am 34 and husband (his dad) is almost 48...my husband refuses to accept this diagnosis and refuses to let anyone say he has ADHD. How do I get my husband to understand that this is not a horrible thing and now we have a name for what's going on, we can start addressing it properly. Any suggestions for my husband to cope with hearing ADHD?

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It's so important for you both to get on the same page. If he loves his child he'll take the time to read the published science on the subject. Actually, calling the disorder ADHD is pretty inaccurate if you study it. It's more a regulatory deficit. It is a physical disability, more nature than nurture. Because ignorant people have placed a conspiratorial stigma on ADHD, I usually just say he has a developmental delay. Time to demand that your husband meet you half way by reading a few books.

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