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Mommy going crazy

My 12 year old daughter has ADHD with impulse control problems. She just got suspended for the second time this year. She had always had rough days and this sixth grade year has been the worst to date. Im at a loss for what to do she's on concerta and mood stabilizer but it's not helping again. The worst part aside from my tears is my 5 year old is doing the same things as her

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Sounds number one like meds aren't working correctly. In fourth grade my 11 year old grandson was suspended almost every other week for a month. Of course the idiot vice principal who was doing it had no understanding of ADHD.

He is on four different medications right now which sometimes horrifies me but he behaves in class and is passing his grades.


has you daughter gained any weight? if my son gain 3 - 5 lbs we have to adjust the millgrams sometimes. my son is a VERY fast metabolizer and although he is slim he grows usually a half inch taller every 3 months,or so. sometimes he gains.a pound or 2 as well. if it appears that the meds arent working that may be the culprit. we didnt discover this until the 3rd Dr. who is much more knowledgeable. we dont change his doses very often but uf they work great and then stop its probaly the amounts. also consider the times of dosages. my son takes concerta aptensio and intuniv. the aptensio is fairly new and it works along with the concerta. i give them in the am and the aptensio gives him small amounts,all day . it helps to keep him calm throughout the day. the intuniv is for impulsiveness. he has taken it for 6 years. you may also ask your dr. about a "booster" dose this can be given toward the end of the day if you child has a long day. we use it only if we are going to a boy scout meeting or dinner in a restaurant. once he started aptensio we rarely use the booster. we have tried several things over the years. good luck i hope this helps


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