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Hello, I am new here to this community but I'm anxious to get support from some other parents whose children have ADHD. Right now we are having a hard time getting his medicine and dosage right so its a very trying period for me. I seem to worry about it all the time and feel like I'm failing profoundly as a parent. I hope by reading other peoples stories and idea I may be able to help my son and myself.


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  • You are not alone!! I feel like a failing parent a lot too. We struggle with the right meds and doses also. Hoping, praying, that we will nail it down sooner than later. It is so so stressful!!

  • First of all, it is not you!! You are not a failure! I am a retired teacher of 29 years, so when my own (now)13-year-old kid showed ADHD signs, I recognized them and believed it! Unfortunately, the meds were terrible with side effects for her. I had to settle with medicating her anxiety, because that was making my life a living HELL. So, her ADHD is unmedicated (not a recommendation, by the way!) The teachers at her middle school think I'm a terrible parent, and guess what? I do not care! I am not here to make them happy. My job is to nurture this child into the best person she can be!

    My point is, you are doing what is best for your child! If you are questioning that, you are not alone!! I heard it every year from many 5th grade (and younger grades I taught) parents. Here is what I said, "You know your kid better than anyone. Do not forget that for a minute!" We all feel like you do, but I think my age and experience help me realize that I am not alone.

  • I feel the exact same way. Overwhelmed, stressed out and feeling like I will never get things right. I am the parent of a very energetic 12 year old, which I've tried medication last year but didn't like the side effects. Now this year with out medication is starting of as a nightmare, constant emails , low test scores, bad grades. Just received a call from my sons school that his teachers are requesting a early parent teacher meeting. To discuss academics and behavior. I know how you feel. Now another road block do I put him back on medication? If so which one, do I watch my son suffer from headaches and lost of appreciate but do well in school,its tough.. My decision will empact my sons life.. So no you are no alone..

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