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Hello, my name is Lucy and I am the mom of two handsome boys ages 4 and 10. My 10 year old was diagnosed with ADHD by 2nd grade. He struggles with task completion and social skills. In the beginning we didn't know how to cope with his inability to be the "perfect" student. We would ground him for weeks and it just seemed like he would be 50 years old before he wouldn't be grounded anymore. Then I did a little research and eventually we became better parents and educated ourselves on how to start a behavior plan, monitor his progress, and take things day by day. Every year I feel anxious because some years some teachers act as though nothing is wrong, where others make him out to be the worst case of ADHD they have ever seen. It hurts me to say I feel ashamed and embarrassed teachers have to deal with my imperfect child because both my husband and I were model students. Then I try to focus on being the best parent for my child because that's what he needs. I think moving forward being in this group will help me cope tremendously and give me the right people to vent to. My husband is great but it will be nice being able to talk with other moms who go through the struggle everyday. Can't wait to get to know more of you!

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  • Welcome! I just recently joined and already feel comfort in knowing I am not alone. Thank you for joining!

  • I'm new in the group too . Have you request IEP to your son I was just researching on how to help my son who is having trouble leaning and retaining . I found out learning disabilities in most cases goes together with ADHD , and our kids have rights that we need to fight for them. If he is in a public school and his disability is affecting him from learning he should qualify for 504 and / or iep . I don't know if u already knows about this but I just share a little bit of what I been researching to help out my little boy too .

  • Hi! I am a teacher at the school district where he attends school. I actually suspected he had a learning disability but since teachers in Florida are now required to document their efforts of targeted remediation that often takes over a year to complete, and less students are being referred as a result. It's such a delicate balance fighting for our child's rights because the teacher can sometimes be on a power trip. That's where I am right now because she is fighting me and taking it out on my child. Some teachers just do well with these kids while others see them as a nuisance. Thankfully we did get him a 504 plan immediately but it didn't stop teachers from fighting the battle. It's almost like they don't believe it's a true medical condition.

  • I am a parent with ADHD and three children with the same. Also, I'm a Special Education Advocate in the state of Texas. RTI may not be used to delay a special education evaluation. Once your written request is delivered, legal timelines for a response kick in. The Department of Education has issued guidance letters on this practice because it's a violation of "Child Find." It is common practice to put our kids on 504 because they are cheaper to administer and parents have very few rights to disagree. Parents are not even legally part of the 504 committee that makes educational decisions about what's best, and that's why IEPs are so important.

  • How can I get the school system to give my child an IEP if they are persistent that MTSS is the only gateway to an IEP? I agree with you that IEP's are a better alternative to a 504 but the school district has been rigid and disregarded a language evaluation we had privately done to indicate his deficits. The problem I am having is that he is not getting the help he needs and his teacher has started giving him 0s despite his 504 plan indicating the teacher provide simplified directions. It's all very overwhelming.

  • Are you basically saying all I have to do is provide a written request for an evaluation? If so, does this apply to Florida?

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