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How to help for viot 7 year old

When the Folcin started to work for my kid he. Started to care when he broke things. Filling he did not have before medicine the lo k on the door is a fire safety issue speech u can give him and sometimes they are angry because they are wanting to communicate with u something other then the words coming outta their mouth u have to really listen or ask questions mane its someone at school picking on him or maybe he hungry even after he ate and don't know how to communicate it or maybe the medicine is giving him a stiffy and he ashamed and don't know how to deal with it different kids different stocks sometimes holding my kid down for a hug as he tri a fit telling him it be ok to putting him in a different room not his own where there is hopefully nothing breakable sometimes helps I hope that helps

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hi which country u r from

and hows ur kid


i dont understand sis wt u want to convey

u r saying about rispedral

how old is your kid

which country

please do tell me


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