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Bed Wetting 7 year old


Hi everyone. I've got a real problem that's breaking my heart. My 7-year-old still wets the bed but, understandably, doesn't want to wear a pull-up as it makes him feel like a baby. He's undergoing a lot of stress and anxiety which make it worse and I will be addressing those issues with his doctor next visit. He can't take stimulant medications as they disagree with his genetic profile - he has really bad side-effects and cannot handle his emotions at all. So he's on Guanfacine 2mg every night. I know that can make a kid sleepy and might add to the problem but honestly, the incidence of bed-wetting hasn't increased since he started. I know that some of you also deal with this problem and I'm wondering what you do and how you explain to your kiddos that this doesn't make them babies or "less than" others. It's just something that sometimes happens with ADHD. Please, help me help my son.

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My son used to be a deep sleeper so I got him bed wetting alarm underwear. It took a couple of months but he hasn't had any incidents since.

paradoxlive in reply to niknak3

Thank you! I should have mentioned that we have tried that with limited success a few times - for 2-4 months each time. We start off sleeping with him so we can wake him until he wakes on his own at the sound. He hates the way it feels on his arm. I can't blame him. He doesn't want to do it again but I'm ready to give him the choice between the alarm and pull-ups. I wish I knew how to help him with his feelings about it. It's killing his self-esteem.

My son is 12 , soon to be 13 and he still wets the bed, like this morning! !. I tried just about everything; limiting water intake, pull ups - he really fills those up with urine, and a regular alarm clock which he does not set every night. He's been tested, no problems noted, he's also a deep sleeper, Thank goodness for plastic on his bed or his matress would be ruin from years and years and still counting of bedwetting. When he wets the bed, he must wash, change his underwear, and take all of his soiled clothing/ sheets and place it in the washing machine. Sometimes.he doesnt do that ,.if it wasn't for the smell, he will try to bypass cleaning up himself.

That's all I know what to do at this point.

hope111 in reply to Alex_7

Mine doesn’t but used to and I know how hard and exhausting it can be. Good advice we got was to make sure to make it no big deal, to be calm and comforting, no blaming or shaming ever. Some kids take longer to have dry nights with or without ADHD, it just depends on the right time for their bodies. And a tip that helped my sanity: double- or triple-make the bed! Waterproof mattress cover, sheet or sheets, repeat. This way when the top layer is wet you just peel it off for the laundry and the rest is ready to go.

I read in How Not To Die that milk relaxes an area of the body that holds in your pee. Sorry I can't remember the name of it or where in the book I read it. Maybe consider taking dairy out of his diet.

Kianna still wears a diaper ast night and sometimes pees through her diaper and pjs I have to change everything and she sleeps right through it. Doesn't even wake up. She wants to wear a diaper all day everyday. When I ask why same answer I always get for anything because, that is it. I don't let her her dad is mad she still in diapers at night and to poop sometimes. sorry no help. Just letting you know you are not alone in this. One day i am hopefull it will click and no more potty/diapers during the night for us all.

My son, aged 4 or 5, wet the bed for a while. I put a plastic mattress protector on the bed. Then I put a load of big, fluffy towels and another pile of pyjamas in his room. The plan was that if he wet the bed, he could change clothes then put a big towel over where he had wet the bed, another if he wanted and even one on top, all without waking us as it was no big deal. We dealt with laundry the next day.

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