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Hello, my 8 year old daughter has had an ADHD diagnosis since she was 5. We've tried diets, medication, and therapy but no matter what her obsession with sex is always there. She wants to see it and try it with her friends. I have punished her every way I can when she's caught but that seems to cut her down. We've had long conversations about sex and natural curiosity but that embarrasses her. I want her to be confident and have a healthy view of sex and her body but I need this obsession to stop. Any advice is appreciated.

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  • Have you mentioned this to her paediatrician? As being part of the diagnosis or something completely separate.

  • I have but not in awhile. I can try that again.

  • Hi there - I have fraternal twin boys, 8 years old, who are pretty similar to your daughter & it is good to see there are other parents talking about this issue! Unfortunately we don't have a proper ADHD diagnosis - just 'at risk for it' (poor impulse control) as they show traits but one has a mild learning disorder and the other has a generalized anxiety disorder. Unfortunately I have seen them take interest in each other - I know, ick - However one therapist said it can be part curiosity but the therapist for my other twin is adamant that he may have been exposed or coerced and is pretty much ready to call DCFS. I can assure nothing happens at home but I cannot be sure what is going on at school - however the boys will not talk about it and just laugh as I am sure I must look quite agitated when I ask them!

    On a other note as I am originally not from US, my local newspaper had a timely piece and perhaps children are seeing way too much thru media and computers. Unfortunately iPads and iPhones at our school are a real problem where we are and this article is a good reference to that!


  • Thanks domgus!!! It feels like this issue doesn't get discussed enough. It's nice to know I'm not alone.

  • Definitely not alone! - Just that we are prepared to say something no matter how uncomfortable it might sound! - I know other parents at school who don't know how to put settings on something like YouTube which can be, yes great, but also the worst, as one video leads onto the next which may not be appropriate. Sure there is YouTube Kids but that can also have its issues with 'you tubers' screaming and carrying on. The worst is being let into these other people's/child's minds - and someone may either not be well or like my children do not have the cognitive skills to cope looking at it and will just think it is ok to copy - it really can be a type of madness or possible abuse in my opinion.

    The irony is after thinking I made our computers and iPhones child friendly then I found out one son can see uncensored youtube videos thru 'Safari' regardless of security settings - I just can't win!

    All I am hoping is when all these IT app creators, techs, etc have their own kids reaching elementary school age then they may realize what a potential hazard too much digital information is - the problem is not the kids - it is the adults who create this stuff and at present for me it is a 'nightmare' - I wish there was more 'ethics' to it before placing it online....

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