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Adenomyosis/Fibroid - which treatment?

So an update following on from my recent Haemoglobin levels crashing and resulting in a blood transfusion...

...Well at 56 and surely close to the menopause I think six years of struggling with horrendous periods is long enough. It seems I have Adenomyosis and two 3cm fibroids.

So, I have been given five options and sent home to think about them, but how the hell am I supposed to work out which is the least invasive but most effective for me. The list is:

Mirena coil - not often successful with Adenomyosis, plus don't fancy it either, so could end up back to square one and another choice to be made.

Uterine Fibroid Embolization - a while to heal plus bleeding may continue for months if not a year as the fibroids break down and are naturally passed, plus it may not work so back to square one and another decision.

Ablation - burning (ouch) the womb and if any slight chance of a nasty in there it can make it very very difficult or very late to diagnose, plus if the womb or cervix or something is long there probe may not reach and therefore unsuccessful.

Lapascopic Hysterectomy - through the tummy then pull out through the vagina, weeks and weeks to heal, but bleeding stops and menopause immediately. Risks of damage to bowel and other organs or even risk of a colostomy.

Regular hysterectomy - through the vagina and very similar to above.

I'm still on Methyprogesterone but being told it is a risk being on it and need to come off asap, which of course I can't as I will haemmorhage. I need to make a decision on the above asap but after months I am no further forward.


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I am real sorry your having a such an awful time & making the right option must be very difficult.

I too suffer from adeno, I have been on different types of hormones tabs, noresthorone, unfortunately got DVT, then changed to Provera tabs on maximum dose and still bleeding. Been advised to have the Mirena coil, I am 54 years. I am so confused & losing my will to love..

Just concerned who advised that the Mirena coil is not successful with adeno, as I was advised the opposite..Hope all goes well with you. All the best


Hi Ahdo,

The senior Gynae, a second Gynae, my GP and many many web pages said that the Mirena is unlikely to sit properly with Adenomyosis and therefore unsuccessful. A consultant yesterday told me that some people still bleed for weeks or months following three of the procedures and only a hysterectomy will immediately stop bleeding apart from the loss from the operation.


Thank you for the clarification. I honestly don’t know what to now,. Was given this advised by my GP & gyno nurses & consultants. I just pray & hope this all stops naturally- menopause and we all can start loving our lives.. All the best..