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App not recording walking as brisk.


I've been using the app for a couple of weeks and find it helpful and a good motivater. Today however I just returned from my usual brisk walk and the app says I did 27 mins 0 of which were brisk. It's nonsense as I actually walked faster than normal as it's freezing and I overtook a young couple going up hill. I have a garman watch which recorded 31.40 mins at a pace of 20.13 m/min as the average pace of the walk. I don't really need to use this app as I do have the watch but thought it was a quick way to make me walk faster. I may not bother from now on.

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Perhaps you mean something else but 20.13 meters per minute is less than 1mph. That's really not very brisk.

But sometimes when people have problems with the Active 10 app it's how/where they are carrying it. Mine doesn't much like being in a jacket pocket but trouser pocket is fine.

Yes, I often have the same problem. This may be a very personal thing but I find where I carry my phone makes a difference. It was easier in the summer when I used to put it in the back pocket of my jeans.... that always recorded a higher number of brisk minutes and seemed to me to be more accurate. Now that winter is here and I put it in a coat pocket it seems much less so and can often report far fewer minutes than I expect. And like you, I am walking just as fast and just as far. The only exception being the icy days when I am treading more carefully so expect the reading to be different.

Yes, I've just been thinking the same thing. I had my phone in the pocket of my thick Parker jacket on my last walk and same again this morning as it's very cold. Yet again no brisk minutes recorded even though it recorded that I walked for 50 mins. I went shopping this morning so I knew I wouldn't have had many brisk steps but I would certainly have had about 10 mins. I think I'll try it in the top pocket when I go back out shortly. I know it doesn't matter in terms of the good it is doing me but still frustrating when you don't get your reward! 😂😂 I now know how stickers and rewards work for children, seems like we don't lose that desire for the feel good factor even as adults!! Thanks for your reply, I'm glad it's not just me. Happy walking! 😊

I have also been having this problem, in same pocket as used before yesterday and I know I walked very brisk, almost a jog as very cold, but recorded no minutes of any type of walking. Very irrational and getting very frustrating. I know I did over 10 minutes, and although not a child I do like the cups. Will try deleting it again as seems to make it work for a day or so but is getting more and mor annoying having to do this every couple of days.

It is frustrating. I've deleted it today as I was sick of it. I may try to download it again in a few days.

My husband has same trouble. Dont know why. We agree tho that it is a motivator...gets us out for the walk..though annoying when effort not rewarded with the fireworks😅

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