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Newbie - Hello :)


Hello all,

I have been in the weight-loss forum since late last year, and just discovered this one.

I am really working on being a better, fitter, healthier me. I have lost nearly 2stone on Slimming World, and feeling better than ever with more energy.. hopefully with the weather improving I will get out more and go for some nice walks. I have just downloaded the Active10 app, and hopefully it encourages me to enjoy the nice walks available near where I live :)

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Hi there! Hope you enjoy your walks!!! I think walking is the most wonderful exercise, it gives us time to think, to enjoy the scenery and find out new things about where we live, and it's so incredibly good for our health xxx


I have the active 10 app, yet at times it is not recording the correct amount of time I walk? To compensate I downloaded a pedometer app from play store, this is very accurate, and it gives me miles walked, calories burnt, walking speed, just make sure you put in your basic details for it to be accurate for you.

Plus with having asthma I wear my heart monitor and watch to compare the readings, just to say it is not that far out on the calories.

What we all need to know is our resting heart rate, either take your radial (wrist) pulse first thing in the morning, or use the calculation 220 - your age.

This gives you a starting base so for me 220-65 =155.

Anytime you can get your heart beating at 45% of your resting heart rate for 20 mins is good.

I know from walking the heart (on normal flat roads/ paths) the heart rate does not to go much above normal due to the way we are designed to walk.

Once you know you resting heart rate then (as always if safe) then quicken your pace for a wee while, you can even download apps that will use your phone's camera to read your pulse to help.

As always if you talk to your doctor or practice nurse before you start anything new, they will give you advice.

Hope this helps.


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