Back problem stops walking

walking a favorite obsession has been sidelined for the last fortnight. Back problems have forced me to limit my walking routine. How you become incapable of normal routine in a instant. A few physio sessions and returning to normal slowly. Never had the patience for slowly but this has taught me slower is better until back to normal.

swimming lessons (thought that 65 would be a good time to learn to swim properly no more dog paddle for me) and aqua exercise start next week. weight loss regimen being adjusted.

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  • I'm sorry your back has been giving you some problems. I have found in the past physio has been brilliant for getting me back to walking, sounds like your setting yourself some different challenges as well, take it nice and steady and let your body adjust slowly

    Please keep coming back and let us know how your getting on.

  • Aww frustrating. Sounds like you have some good alternative activities lined up to keep you fit while you get back to normal.

  • Hi I am sorry about your back - hope it gets well.

    I too suffer from back ache sometimes my yoga teacher told me to do Shavasana posture - for 10 minutes.

    Shavasana - lie flat on your back with the heels spread as wide as the yoga mat and the arms at the sides of the body, palms facing upward

    After 5 minutes you will feel bones moving in your spine - this means that your spine is aligning itself.

    I too went to physio and did this on the side.

    Get well soon


  • many thanks for your kind advice. will definately try this pose.

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