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What's better?

Morning all! I haven't posted lately cos nothing has changed - still walking 2000/2500 steps most days. I'm content to stick at that for the foreseeable future. But now I need a bit of advice from the seasoned walkers out there! I went to Bristol in the week, on a different bus from the usual one I take. The bus stop is at the bottom of quite a steep hill. Walking back up it on my return was quite a challenge, to say the least! I was really breathless, but felt good. I didn't count steps, but it can't have been too many as it only took me about 15 minutes. Do you think I should walk the hill (unthinkable a couple of months ago) instead of my usual walk once or twice a week? I kinda think the cardio workout would be good for me. Or am I delusional? Any advice?

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We still like to hear even if there is no change is distance, it is all about being out there 😀 Hills tax the body, but the do give benefits as well, firstly I would see over the next 48 hours how your body feels after doing the hill. If you just feel a bit achy in Your muscles but no ill effects I would consider doing it again once a week. If after six weeks your still doing well then Increase to twice a week. Take it steady and don't try to increase you speed up the hill, slow and steady is the way to go with a hill, well done you are coming along great guns, take care Rfc x.


Thanks RFC - my body seemed to have recovered by the next day. The shock was how breathless I got! I am obviously still very unfit. I had two little stops just to catch my breath, but felt good once I got to the top, and home is only 240 steps further - thank goodness! Thanks so much for the advice, I'm taking it and will be walking the hill again on Wednesday!

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Variety is the spice of life. I'd say if you didn't have any lasting ill effects, add them to your routine. They'll get easier the more you do them.


Thanks, Runswithdogs


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