Walking with an intermittent Spinal issue

Walking with an intermittent Spinal issue

I like to walk and as it is now not always on offer, it has become more precious. I am now looking at walking holidays. This simply inspires the activity. If in doubt - carry a folded stick - then there is never any doubt. I also have a shooting stick which provides a seat that you do not need to share with smokers ( ex-smoker ). When things become more difficult or challenging, ironically, they become more desirable and sought after. Accomplishment is also a naughty pleasure, to be consumed alone, as it is not a trophy.

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  • I'm looking at a walking holiday in the UK once I'm recovered (I'm from Canada). It's long been a dream of mine, and there seem to be so many on offer. Where are you looking at walking?

    You are 100% right in that more challenging things that you took for granted before become so dear. I hope you enjoy all your walks

  • Thankyou

  • Try Saga Special Interest. They do many holidays in Europe. Places that you would want to go and better seen by foot. One of my proffered is Bay of Naples, but there are many more. Not expensive and group tours especially good for single walkers.

    Good luck Happy hunting

  • Look up your local Ramblers Association, or walking group. There's often graded walks that start & end in the same place, but follow a different route.


  • Good idea. Thanks. Was mentioned earlier but forgotten.

  • Walking holidays are usually in groups, & people need to be able to keep up for safety reasons.

    I see lots of local groups out & about where I live, where people can get home easily if something goes awry. A friend's partner doesn't venture anywhere too far that he can't get a taxi back to safety.

    There's health walks that I think are organised by my council, that I've seen advertised at my GP surgery. Think they're fairly short, around my local parks, coast, & countryside. I think this is a national thing to get people out & active.

  • Thank you for all the suggestions. Looks like I am going to have my work cut out!

  • I know what you mean about walking becoming a precious thing. When MrRfc was ill we missed our walks so much, we are determined to find the time to fit them in now he can go out for walks again. Happy walking 😀.

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