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Has anyone had ACDF/Discectomy & Spinal Fusion Surgery?


Has anyone had this surgery? I’m a potential candidate for this is have large herniated discs in C5-6 & C7-8.

My Neurosurgeon said that first option would be a nerve block of pain wasn’t improving (it isn’t) but I feel this would only help pain and wouldn’t sort out the problem itself.

I’m a 30 year old young woman, a nurse and a hopeful mother to be in the near future. I dread the thought of leaving the career I’ve worked too hard on, and also can’t bear the thought of not being able to carry a pregnancy due to my back being as bad as it is (my back is in a BAD way, and it’s more than just the above discs that are herniated, but those are the ones causing the main pain)

Any advice would be amazing.

Thanks everyone 🥺

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