Cannabis as pain relief

Hi due to pain clinic unable to offer anything else to me now I've been looking into herbal alternatives. Now the cannaboid spray was mentioned months ago but costs so much here in the U.K. It's impossible to get, even though the dr said it would be ideal for me.

I've done a little research and I came across the oil you can vape ( that has the 'stoned' ingredient removed) but I've also heard of this in like a tablet form, can anyone help, this is sheer desperation now. I've tried so many holistic approaches there's nothing left and I'm a mother to an autistic child so being able to manage my pain is an essential. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Take care


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  • Hi jk. I'm afraid that all the cannibiniol products are quite expensive. I use the oil which I place u der my tongue for 3 mins the swallow. It's not a pleasant taste but I do find it deals with lesser pain caused by inflammation particular,arly. I do know that some people manage ion just a few drops a day.

    May I ask what the problem is with the pain clinic and where your pain originates ?

    You could also post on Pain Concern and you might find more people there with experience of herbal pain remedies.


  • Hi yes it's widespread pain but particularly my right leg and hip. I needed advice with the oils being expensive. I've had the strongest patches transtec 52.5mcg and became immune so now I have zomorph & diazepam.

    Take care


  • I have morphine, diazipam and various pain pills. For natural relief I find magnesium supplements a great help for muscle pain all over. I also use magnesium spray above my knees where the ligaments join muscle and knee. Another very strong cream is based on chillis and does penetrate quite deeply. I also take a supplement called D ribrose which gives energy despite the pain. This helps me with with my fibro, hope you find something for you.


  • Hi thanks for your reply I've tried the cap cream with the chilli and it hurt so much, however I've not tried the magnesium spray before so this is definitely worth a try also that supplement you mentioned.

    Fatigue is just a constant, may I ask where you purchase the spray and supplement please?

    Take care


  • Hi. Just seen this post and that you haven't had a answer yet - I use Ancient Minerals magnesium spray from Good Health Naturally. Helps with painful knees and my Atrial Fibrillation. Hope you find something that works for you!

  • Sorry for the delay, had a rough couple of days reducing morphine intake but I'm getting there. The cap cream comes in different strengths mine is 0.25% and works for me but I don't use it often and only a pea size bit.

    My wife picked up two of the sprays for a pound at a car boot! It's called magnesium oil by Better You. So I will have to search for it too Holland and Barret, Boots or the net I guess.

    The D-ribrose is available from H&B in capsules but the lady there told me to buy it from the manufacturer on the net. They are called Sweet Cures, High Energy D-Ribrose and are based in York. Their version is a powder which I think is good quality and you can buy in bulk.

    It is quite expensive but worth it and I'm on a tight budget. H&B have bogof offers on sometimes.

    The other supplement I take is a magnesium tablet from same shop, reasonably priced.

    These have worked for me in a short space of time, perhaps try a small amount to start to see if they help you.

    Good luck

    Patrick šŸ˜Š

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