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Scoliosis medication not helping

Hi everyone, I’ve recently been diagnosed with scoliosis and a lumbar vertebrae out of place, after a recent car crash I am now in constant pain, it’s to the point where medication isn’t doing much anymore. I work full time so usually have to grin and bare it. But it’s at the point where I’m fed up of being given every medication under the sun and want something more serious done, but I’m told my condition isn’t severe enough for surgery. I have tried physio and it doesn’t do much either. Can anyone recommend anything? Or just some advice.

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Hi Jess, I’m sorry your suffering in this way,

what medicine are you taking? I have moderate scoliosis and a slipped vertebrae in my C5/C6 spine grade 1 (Spondylolisthesis) and I can’t tell you how painful it is, it knocks your whole body out of place crushes nerves ect I’m currently on morphine, pregablin they help but not where I could actually work especially full time. it’s hard unless you are grade 3/4 slip or hsvd severe scoliosis they won’t operate as it’s a really invasive operation. You maybe need to see pain management? Have you had any steroid injections?


Thank you, you poor thing that must be horrendous. I haven’t heard of steroid injections but will definitely do some research and ask for them. I just feel like my whole life is being ruled by medication and that’s not how I want to be. Xx


They do work well they do on my husbands shoulders it’s worth asking about xx

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Please keep in mind that steroid spinal injections are not FDA approved. As such, they are considered an “off-label” usage. Talk to other doctors that won’t give them (a vanishing minority nowadays) about why they won’t give them.

You also must be careful how often you get them (I was told no more than three times), as it can make the bones brittle if given too often.

Make certain the doctor giving the injection is a specialist. If they inject the wrong area, you can end up worse than when you started.

Every few years, I get injections for the chronic bursitis in my shoulders and hips. It’s just enough to moderately reduce the swelling, but not enough to cause any changes in bone structure.


Does it help to reduce the pain?


It really depends on the person.

I’m so very sorry I can’t give an unqualified “yes” as the answer to that question.

If I was able, please know that I would gladly take your pain & bear it myself so you wouldn’t have to. The same is true for anyone in pain.

It’s easier for me to bear physical pain than it is to go through the emotional anguish of knowing that you’re in pain, & knowing that there’s absolutely nothing I can do.

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Thank you for your support I really do appreciate it x