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How long diagnosis after MRI


I have an MRI scan booked later this week for what I expect the doctors think is a AN, I have tinnitus on my right ear only, but good hearing in both ears.

How long after an MRI is typical for the doctors to let you know if it's an AN?

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I had the MRI on a Saturday 26th Sept and got a phone call from my GP on the Monday 28th Sept... So very speedy! Within a week I'd had a call from ENT to advise of the size 15mm by 10mm and a letter sent to Guys hospital to the specialist team, I then had a further scan with contrast dye only 10 days later and within two weeks had apt at Guys hospital to advise the plan would be watch and wait for 6 months, to see how fast/slow growing it is. I have a ENT hearing tests and separate tinnitus apt on 13th Nov, and follow up on Sunday 15th. NHS at its very best! I too have screaming tinnitus in right ear but not sure I have much it any hearing loss, my ear is numb. Other than that all okay. I hope you get a quick response as it's scary I know. Let me know how you get on.

Thanks flappers and Sunsets90 ,

flappers in your case that is quick, and it would be good if i could get a speedy diagnosis like that, i suppose its pretty clear on an MRI if there is one there or not.

Tbh i am not too worried about if it is a AN (i could be naïve on that fact) as really it will answer the question of what is causing the unilateral tinnitus. My hearing test showed good levels of hearing in both ears and i am not showing any other symptoms at the moment other than the tinnitus.

From what i have been reading about AN's they don't seem to cause massive issues and/or death if caught early, so in terms of a 'brain tumour' they seem more of a inconvenience rather than a death sentence.

I haven't told my family that i am going for a MRI for a potential AN, as I don't want to worry them until i know what it is. Though if it is diagnosed I will tell them, which will be an interesting conversation, probably one when i make sure they know the meaning of benign


Hi! I think I need to be rightearscream too! I have no idea why I picked flappers!!! I am the opposite of flappy😂. I found the leaflet on the BANA website very helpful to give to my family, it's called 'don't panic'! So... You haven't told your family as yet but know that you have a community of support if your tinnitus is caused by an AN... And I think of us as the lucky ones, no balance or facial nerve issues as yet. And of course benign. Good luck!

Cheers, i have been reading up on the BANA website / leaflets and the line

'All those diagnosed will lose their hearing completely in the ear affected by the Neuroma'

was news to me, arse!

If it is an AN, i wonder how the hearing in that ear will stick around for, i kind of need it for my job!

I want to know all the facts before I start to get family involved, as speculation isn't helpful to anyone especially when terms like 'brain tumour' are in the conversation! :0

Okay, stop reading stuff now! The loss of hearing is often due to having to remove it. Yours may be very small, it may not grow and it may not have to be removed. And breathe. You should be offered tinnitus therapy too. Whatever the cause!

"The loss of hearing is often due to having to remove it."

O.k, anyway it will be a question to ask the ENT doctor if i do have one.

Waiting time after an MRI is quite varied? dependant on which hospital trust you're under. If it's considered urgent you should hear back within 2 weeks, or if it's more routine I have had to wait up until 12wks. Hope your tinnitus improves soon, issues with your ears can be quite frustrating. Take care.

cheers, i will see how the MRI / diagnosis goes, but i have a feeling i will be back here soon!

It varies in all gif fervent areas. Good luck

Well it depends where in the world you are. In the UK under the NHS I'm afraid it tends to be weeks, especially in the current Covid situation. This is simply because of the system as, if you could get the appropriate specialist lined up to look at it it could easily be done in an hour. Sadly that's not practical however.

I had the MRI on Thursday morning and received a letter this morning, saying the MRI showed everything is normal.

Relieved that it isn't an AN, also that it was confirmed quickly after the MRI.

So glad to hear that for you. That's great news, especially given your work is tied up with hearing! I hope you get some support and help with dealing with the tinnitus... But just remember if it's tricky at times, at least it isn't caused by AN!

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