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Being referred to Ent for suspected AN


I would like to know if anyone has similar symptoms.

I went to my GP 3 days ago with following symptoms:

1)Gnawing pressure discomfort lasting up to 90 seconds happening up to 8 times a day for last 4 months deep in my left ear. It may last less than 90 secs but rarely more. Pain score of 0.5 to 1 out of 10 so can easily live with it. It sort of feels like a precursor to bad pain but never gets there. I have only been aware of it during the day and once at night in the last 4 months.

2) I go to an anaerobics class and I have noticed that when I stand on one leg I’m fine but loose balance on the other. They both used to be fine prior to 6 months ago.

3) I have been aware of hearing loss for a few years as I always need to turn the TV up compared to my husband. I have not had a hearing test yet so don’t know if it is unilateral or even the left ear.

I have no other symptoms. No sinusitis or tinnitus or ear infection. I did have labarynthitis diagnosed about 5 years ago lasting 2 weeks.

I’m waiting for the referral but was interested to hear if anyone experienced any symptoms similar to number 1 ?

Many thanks

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Not had the pain , the only symptoms I had was hearing loss on my left side and tinitus in my left ear

Thank you for taking the trouble to respond. It is just a waiting game now.

You should go to an ENT and have a hearing test to determine hearing loss and if the ENT thinks it's an AN, get a contrast MRI.

Thank you - my appointment is booked for 13th March at local ENT department. Thank you for responding

Hi, I went totally deaf overnight in my left ear and thought that my phone was broken at first, then something made me try the other ear and I realised it was me lol. I have no history of ear problems and my GP was aware of ANs, despite no previous experience of a patient with one. If the radiographer sees anything suspicious on the MRI, he will inject the contrast automatically and the AN will show as a specific colour (different tumours show different colours). You will need the hearing test results before seeing a consultant. I wish you all the best.

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Thank you for your input. Are you on watch and wait, had surgery or GK?

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Hi, I was on w & w for 3 years and showed a small but consistent growth rate and was given GK in August 2017. My first yearly follow up MRI showed definite signs of the AN necrotising at the centre, so it looks like treatment was a success. I am happy to answer any questions if I can, but read up on the NHS website for good, factual and realistic info. Goodluck and keep me posted if that's okay?

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Will do and thank you

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