Hi has anyone found an alternative solution to hearing loss other than using a hearing aid?

Im 8 years post op and my hearing loss is really getting me down! I work in a busy hair salon and Ive tried using hearing aids but they just increase all the background noise and so I still have trouble hearing my clients! Another work colleague has had an implant fitted behind her ear as she had reacurrent ear infections and had to have most of her inner ear workings removed! I realise this is a completely different scenario but just wondered if anyone has had anything similar post acoustic neuroma surgery?

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  • I don't have an answer, but have the same symptoms. I keep a hearing aid with me but turn it on only when it might help - for example listening to TV, or hearing a church sermon, but NOT listening to loud music! I am about 10 years post-op and now have hearing in only one (right) ear.

  • Did/do you have balance issues?

  • Yes - I have had problems with balance but am learning to live with it. Use WALKING STICK always when out .

  • I have the same problem, if there is noise in the background I can hardly understand words said by a person standing next to me. I have decided against BAHA device on the basis of my research (too many reports of ear and bone infections). Now if I need to have a meaningful conversation I simply leave the noisy area and ask the person who wants to talk to me to join me in a less noisy place.

  • Thats a bit difficult for me at work! And thats where Im finding Im getting most frustrated! I did some research after posting this question and found out about BAHA devices! No one has ever mentioned these to me before but Im seeing my consultant next week and having another hearing test so Im going to have a chat with him about it! Thats obviously what my work colleague has and she says its the best thing ever and has no problems with it at all! Im willing to try anything at the moment!

  • I understand. Device I am interested in is this one:


    You don't need a screw in your skull to use it.

    However it is not available via the NHS at present.

  • Thanks for the link.........just had a look and this device looks perfect! it seems to work on the same principle as BAHA but without the invasive procedure!!! It looks expensive though so Im guessing it prob wont ever be available on the NHS which is a shame! Is it actually available in this country?? I can only find it in USA practices??

  • you are correct, when I politely mentioned this to 'my' audilogist, I only got a sigh in response...so I understood that at present it is unavailable via NHS, I guess AN patients with USD should get together and start lobbying...

  • Hi grinev,

    Did you end up choosing a hearing technology? I am looking at the link that you posted [sonitusmedical article]. It is the best thing that I have read thus far.

  • Hi: Have an AN neuroma, yet to be treated, but soon will be by Gamma Knife. I suddenly went deaf one day - 9 months ago - since have been wearing? Phonak bi- cross (because the good ear - to my surprise was < than 100%. Isn't perfect - but way better to be able to have sound from both sides (not directional or stereo) mind, but worth it easily.



  • I use the cross aid hearing aids. Could you ask your audiologist to have a look at the settings for you ? It does take a lot concentration, I look at peoples lips when they are speaking and try to focus in a busy environment, it it tough. I have only had mine a few months. But find it is better with them than without.

    I would be interested to know about BAHA too, let us know how you get on.

  • Hi thanks for your reply! I havent tried cross aids just a normal one! to be honest Im really surprised that my consultant hasnt suggested anything else!! The last time I saw him he told me there was nothing I could and I just had to put up with it!!!! Not really what I want to hear! Ive only just started looking around for alternatives myself as Im getting so frustrated! I guess thats the NHS for you! Anyway as I mentioned in an earlier post Im seeing him next week so Im going to toughen up and put my foot down and see what happens.......fingers crossed! Ill keep u posted!

  • I have nil hearing on my left (op) side. I have a crossover aid which initially I had because you can't hear traffic coming from that side when crossing the road. I don't find it a help in noisy places like a pub and sometimes wear it when watching TV but my right side hearing is excellent so I tend to leave it in the drawer. However its very handy when driving and towing the caravan because I can hear what my wife is saying when she's navigating and I can hear the satnav better too. Seems like a very personal decision depending on the state of your good ear too. Best wishes, Keith

  • Hello Linzipops,

    I hope that all is well, with you. I am new here, and I was just wondering what hearing device did you decide to go with, if any?

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