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Newly Diagnosed (today) and curious!


Had it confirmed today that I have a large A/N that needs surgery - and I guess now, that I just sit back and wait for that. My close family who I have told are all in more of a panic than I am because I think people hear 'brain tumour' and immediately think the worst. I get that its benign and I'm thankful that I have something that can be operated on, removed and that I stand a chance of making a good recovery and maybe one day having something like a normal life again! This is all I'm bothered about really as I've had 7 months of thinking I'm crazy and imagining all these symptoms. I am curious about a few things that I was hoping seasoned veterans might be able to help me out with.

1. Tests show that I only have mild hearing loss in my left ear, yet when my right ear is covered, I can't make out what people are saying at all. Has anyone else perceived their hearing loss to be greater than what it actually is?

2. Any positive stories about full recoveries are always welcome, along with any 'What I wish people had told me' stories so I know what to expect.

3. Does anyone else, pre surgery, fall asleep randomly through the day? I'm not sure if this is a symptom of the A/N or something else but I really struggle to wake up even after a full nights sleep.

Many thanks in advance for any information.

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My husband had his removed in February I have just read this to him.. he said to tell you to have a positive mind that you will get through it. You have 2 choices you can sit back and let it get the better of you or roll with it. At the end of the day it's a hump in the road so be positive you will get through it. His right ear has compensated for his loss of hearing in the left. Slightly too much at first but he's used to it now. He does have headaches from time to time but is to be expected. It's got to be done when you come out the other side do what they tell you and focus on how quick you want to get well. I'm writing this as he is speaking so you know it's from someone who knows. Back to work full time and hitting the gym again to me and everyone else he's remarkable but so will you be. Good luck and ask away if you need to know anything. This site helped me so much while Jason was unwell it gave us all hope.


Hi there.. Sorry about it but trust me it's the best of the worst. I had my surgery two months ago. Still fresh from it. Thankfully I had no complications like facial paralysis.. N my hearing decreased by 30- 40 percent. It's a blessing at times.especially wen u wanna sleep.. Trust me. All I wanna tell u is, b strong, b positive. Your outcome depends on it majorly. Recovery won't be easy. It will take time.. U never know how long. In May case v had thought I ll b back to life and work in three months but I don't c it coming. Everyday is gonna be different. Some days u will feel perfect and just wen u start feeling so ur brain and body will throw u a surprise. I have realised its best not to rush. One day it will all b over. But u need to b patient and positive. Thankfully it's benign. Pls do not worry about anything. There is a path to recovery which is in itself a journey. We all are blessed to be a part of this not so harmful tumour. Let's be grateful. Get it removed. U will be fine with time. Take care.. x

SMB 1985:

From the way you organized your request for information and the way you respond to your situation, it is obvious that you are a pragmatic person who wants results; soooo.

1) If you want to get rid of you’re AN, get gamma knife surgery as soon as you can before your symptoms get worse.

2) If you want to regain your balance, go to the following link and do the suggested exercises daily for a month or so to reset your cerebellum.


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