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I had three AN's removed by surgery in Oxford in 1987 on my wedding anniversary! Of late, maybe last twelve months my balance, which has not been brilliant since the surgery, seems to have deteriorated. Saw my GP and he thought he could see something in my good ear, the other one is dead, so called another GP in and she said she didn't know what it was but deffo something. So they booked me into ENT in Truro. Saw them yesterday and they said the eardrum was looking inflamed but didn't know why and consequently have arranged a scan for me during the next month or so. So it's a waiting game now. I have no other symptoms, no pain, no dizziness just a bit unsteady. Fingers crossed then. Keith aged 81.

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Let's hope and expect it to be something totally unrelated, as you don't want to appear too greedy for ANs. Yes, fingers crossed.X

The following exercises might help you with your "unsteadiness".


I have also found that taking long "natural" walks, straight up back, helps. Leaning forward while walking messes with your cerebellum, making you feel uneasy.

Well I've been to ENT in Truro. Doctor thinks possibly a glomus jugulare causing the redness and swelling of my right ear drum. Waiting now for a CT scan. This is my good ear, the left one is dead!

Had my CT scan a week ago, now waiting with baited breath

Apparently it is a glomus tumour in my right ear but is benign. So going on my age of 81 the ENT specialist says probably no surgery planned but I am booked in for a round table discussion with a consultant(s) in a months time. Doctor has prescribed me amytriptiline to help me sleep and blood pressure tablets too. Fingers crossed then.


Hope you are well


Well, 2 years on and not much has changed. Still have tinnitus in my right ear but I have pills to help me sleep. Been having a lot of trouble with coughing, throat irritation, so have an appointment next month for a probe thing in my throat - not looking forward to that! They aren't going to do anything anyway because I'm 83 now. I'm on 30mg Codeine Phosphate which helps a lot with the coughing but the GP keeps trying to get me off them because I could become addicted to them - really!!! Had a fall two months ago and grew a large haematoma on my left knee. Otherwise life goes on! Best wishes to all on here. KP

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