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Awaiting CTscan results


Hi, I have had pulsatile tinnitus and fullness in ear in my left ear for over 6 months now. The ENT specialist conducted a hearing test and pressure test and although my hearing was not showing that different to my right ear the pressure was greatly reduced. I do get some pain like stabbing now and then but put this down to my jaw not ear. I have had a CTscan and I’m just waiting for the results.

Has anyone else had fullness in ear with the AN?

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Hi, I was diagnosed 2 years ago with a small 12mm right sided AN. I have tinnitus and 70% hearing loss on that side and also some mild hearing loss on the left (not connected). The fullness iin the ear was a symptom I had for a short while before diagnosis causing me think that it was a build up of wax. I am on w&w and have annual MRI scans. Just waiting for the results from my last one and am hopeful, as I have had no growth so far since diagnosis and no increase in symptoms. I have hearing aids which I find useful in some situations but do not wear them all the time. Hope this helps. Everyones story is different but try not to worry. Mags

I think like me a few others did. Also my ear felt blocked off. I reckon there are so many symptoms individual to each of us as there are so many other nerves involved in the area.

Thank you both. Had another letter today letting me know that I need another scan- felt confused as haven’t had the results from the CT scan yet so I rang the Hospital and asked. They explained that my specialist has asked for MRI now after seeing CT. I hoping that it’s to make sure there is nothing there or to confirm what is. I don’t think I’d mind either way what the results are as long I I know. Thanks again for your replies.

Hi, Yes, the waiting and uncertainty is definately the worst part. Once you know you can come to terms with the result and get on with your life, whatever the treatment plan is. Hope its good news. Mags

Hi, had my resulted today it's not an AN but a Glomus Tumour instead. Not sure what the treatment is as yet (possible surgery) as need the MRI to find out if it's attached to the jugular. Feeling a little better with a diagnosis.

Bless you ... I'm waiting to hear from my MRI 😞

Hi, I have my private MRI booked for 6/12 so I have a little wait u til then. I am hoping that the results going back to specialist will be quick and they will book my specialist appointment for results ASAP. Just want a treatment plan sorted this side of Christmas even if it doesn’t happen until after. Sleepless night last night just couldn’t get off to sleep with the tinnitus. How are things with you? Any results yet?

Hi Sarah my consultant rang last week and said my MRI is normal... Although radiologist has requested a ct angiogram to look at the blood vessels in my middle ear, no idea what that's about... Although I have to wait 8 weeks for the appointment, so I'm guessing it's not that important, bless you it must be worrying for you, it seems that everyone moves at a snails pace, hope you get your plan sorted out for your self and you can try to enjoy the festivities xxxx thinking of you xxxxi will keep you updated on my dilemma 🙄

Hi Sarah how are you getting on 😊

Hi Sarah I to have these exact symptoms with added pulsating teeth... I had an MRI on Wednesday, my consultant said if he finds anything he would ring... Or I would receive a letter... The waiting is the worst 😞

Hi, Yes the waiting is the most worrying part. All the best for your results

Thankyou how long did you have to wait ?? I had an MRI on Wednesday , guess 5 days including the weekend isn't long, 😊

My Follow up appointment was booked before I had my CT scan, so it was guessing work that I would have had my scan. My local Hospital only took 3 weeks to complete CT scan but I’m not sure how long I will have to wait for the MRI

im waiting for results of an mri scan for pulsatile tinnitus and ear fullness in my right ear both symptoms come and go but i have them every day several times...this has been for a year maybe i dont know exactly .. kept thinking it was just one of those things ! in my area it can take 6 weeks for results....thats this week ....waiting is rubbish tho i try to not think about it....... i only mentioned the symptoms by chance n my gp asked for the mri

Anza1974 in reply to bev4nicky

Best of luck bev... I'm also waiting 😞 it's probably one of the worst things I have ever had to do 😞

bev4nicky in reply to Anza1974

good luck to you too !

Waiting time for my MRI scan is 8 weeks ☹️ So with the support of my parents and my small healthcare cover I am going to go private for the MRI. I’m hoping to have my specialist appointment then before Christmas. I would like to know treatment before Christmas as the symptoms are getting worse. I work in a busy office and have daily meetings by telephone and face to face- it’s so difficult to concentrate on what people are saying with the constant pulsing and fullness going on. All the best to those waiting results

Bless you 😞 that's way to long , I also have fullness and pulsating

Anza1974 in reply to Anza1974

Sorry sent it before I had finished 🙄I also have fullness and pulsating constantly, other symptoms are getting worse ... You know there's something not right but what is it x

I had to wait about six weeks for mine.3 week still awaiting results its driving me mad.

I know it’s a Glomus Tumor not an AN but until they find out if it’s attached to the Jugulare Bulb they will not decide on treatment.

good luck with it x

Hi sarahsing2021

I've suffered for over 12 months with weird left ear problems..I first noticed a change when getting out of my shower I thought water was stuck in their I tried in vain to remove it...then I started with low tone ringing in my ear not to bad to start GP said my tubes were prob blocked and they would sort themselves out..then my ringing became much louder and I developed a feeling like I needed to pop the ear like it does when you fly..but it would not pop GP recommend decongestant steam baths this made no difference this last 2 months I feel like I've gone partially deaf in that ear with the ringing being much higher pitched, pain deep in the ear a really bad headache only on the left side dizzy spells nausea and a tingling sensation by my lower cheek and lips on left side..saw GP AGAIN..he gave me nasal steroid spray???? said it was prob something in my nose that was causing the problems 🤔 I feel like my head is a helium balloon..I also feel like I'm under water I find it difficult to hear people talking in a group but I can hear sort of ok ish on a one to one..had my hearing test for which I went private he said it was prob my age I'm 55 and live in the son who lives with me has especially noticed these changes in me..I'm I going mad ?????😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

SarahSing2021 in reply to birkie

Hi, Did they check the pressure in your ear?

When they checked mine is was greatly reduced. This is guess is why I have the feeling of fullness/blocked ear.

I have tinnitus (ringing) and there is nothing they will do for that.

The pulsing is different and only in the left ear so that why they referred me to ENT.

I’m 42 but I guess it’s not a age thing as I’ve had the tinnitus (ringing) for over 20 years. Too much loud music in years gone by. 😆

Hope you get some answers

Well MRI done, they did 2 parts without and with contrast. I now have to wait for the results. Private hospital don’t send emails and NHS don’t receive fax. This could be along wait.

Thinking of you sarahsing xxxx

Thanks Anza1974, still waiting for results they have gone back by post to specialist so only a matter of time now for him to view them then contact me. Fingers crossed it will be this side of Christmas

Fingers crossed 🙏🏻😊

Hi I saw my nurse the other day she let slip that they are ruling out a vascular tumor and a malformation or something of that nature but it's presenting as an arachnoid cyst ... So not sure what to think about that, guess that's why I'm having a ct angiogram, still waiting for that appointment xxx

Glad you’ve had some results even if still unsure of how to proceed. Fingers crossed for you having the appointment ASAP.

Thankyou Sarah 😊

I had a very blocked ear feeling

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