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How did you get results

Hi all

How did you get your results from MRI. I have been for an MRI and have now received an appointment to see my consultant to discuss results? I am now a tiny bit worried as I would have thought they would have just sent a letter if it had been clear. I mean why would you get a consultants appointment just to be told it is all ok.

Any thoughts and how were you told.


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I have had several MRIs and always had consultant appointment to get results so please try not to worry. I am awaiting appointment letter from MRI on 16th Jan this year at the moment but my last one, a year ago, the appointment only took 5 mins but i found it very reassuring to have my surgeon confirming all waa well.


Consultants vary, some send a letter, some phone up and some like to see the patient. I am 18 years post treatment so I have been though a number of these "check" MRIs. And do remember that, especially early on, the result is usually more complex than simply "good or bad"!. They may wish to discuss/explain the residual tumour volume, the presence of necrosis (signs that the tumour is dying) or other things in your MRI which they find of interest. Good Luck.


Hi blackmonday,

I had my first MRI after referral by Gp - day later phone call from MRI dept to say needed another one this time with contrast - booked for 2 days later so I was worried. Also had phone call from surgery -GP wants to see you given appointment next day. Told what it was by a completely cold GP.MRI machine broke down on the day of the 2nd MRI and was given an appointment on Good Friday. Saw consultant about 3 weeks later. I am now in watch and wait new MRI in April and still worrying.

If you are really worried which is to be expected just having had a brain MRI see your Gp and they may be able to find out and get a print out of your results- it should say the findings and the size.


Hi just to let everyone know, scan was clear. So looks like my terrible tinnitus is down to stress.

Thanks for the replys and all the best to everyone.


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