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Recommendations for a surgeon


I am from the Isle of Man and from a traveling point of view its easier for me to do a day return to UK locations such as Liverpool, Manchester & London BUT i want a top consultant for treatment of my AN, i intend to use my work health insurance to go private, can anyone make recommendations from their experience please for me to consider ?

Many Thanks

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Are you sure surgery is the right choice ? There may be alternative options too - what size is it ?

Flying to Birmingham is also possible from IoM so you could consider mr Richard Irving, primarily based at the QE but also has private practice too have a read of his cv

Although i had cyberknife radiotherapy he is my lead consultant and a great surgeon

@DB1965 - Sorry, but as I've said on your other thread, I was treated privately in Birmingham, so I've no experience of surgeons in the locations you mention. Other on here may well offer their thoughts though. I'd recommend joining BANA (, as they have a small but active forum and also a wealth of information available. Jackie at the BANA office is particularly approachable and helpful.

I can only comment on Birmingham, which is a centre for AN Treatment (the QE has many facilities due to it's military connections) Andrew Kay Neurosurgeon and Richard Irving ENT Surgeon have been fantastic. I also understand that Mr Walsh is very good, from a friend at BANA. I would also recommend joining BANA as their knowledge and experience is always up to date and first hand. Good luck.

I was treated by Mr Radatz at the Sheffield Thornbury BMI hospital. I had Gamma Knife for a 24mm A.N.

I was very happy with the treatment there. I believe it was about £18,000 for the treatment.

I have just had my AN removed by surgery at Leeds LGI, surgeon Mr Deniz and his team, including a specialist nurse Laura, were all lovely. My op was on 3rd April and I suffered no facial paralysis (which is a common worry with surgery I understand) My AN was 25x17mm and resting up against my facial nerve. I have no headaches, still a bit wobbly but Im told that will hopefully improve. My tongue is a little numb on one side and of course I have no hearing left on the effected side but other than that, after only 5 weeks, apart from tiring a little easier than I used to, I feel fine! Good Luck with everything.

maggieL in reply to GrandmaAnn

Hi GrandmaAnn, I am interested in your experiences as I have just been diagnosed with an and am from Leeds and waiting for an appointment with Mr Kelly and co. I first noticed some hearing loss 14 years ago and have had private hearing aids for both ears for some time. It was when I asked my GP about NHS hearing aids that he sent me for the MRI scan. I do not know the size of my an or treatment options as I have not seen the consultant yet. I am 64 years of age and apart from tinnitus and severe deafness in the affected ear do not have any other symptoms. I hope you have made a good recovery from your op now and would be very interested to have an update from you.

Hi,I was treated at Salford royal in Manchester.I had the surgery resulting in total removal of the tumour :)the team there are fantastic and explain vividly what to expect after surgery(I prefer this) and answer any questions or fears one has.

My surgery was a success, total removal of tumour,no facial paralysis, initial balance issues but with exercise this was sorted and was back to work in 6 weeks.

Wish you the very best.

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