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Is an AN a brain tumour?

I had three AN's removed thirty years ago. My question is related to my driving licence renewal where there is a question "have you ever had a brain tumour". I ticked the yes box and that has triggered paperwork from DVLA asking me to fill in a six page medical questionnaire and details of my GP so they can write to him. So that's why I'm asking the question, should I have ticked the box or not? Hopefully I'll keep my driving licence after the enquiry because I need my car to look after my wife and do the shopping.. This has caused me some stress. I've ticked the box before on previous renewals and not had this response from DVLA. KP

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Hi, yes AN is a brain tumour, I also had to fill in the forms just a few months ago and my consultant(s) were contacted but everything's been fine and I am eligible to drive. All the best.


Hi Keith,

On page 16 of the DVLA's list of Neurological Disorders it states that for Group 1 car drivers with Acoustic Neuroma or Schwannoma you may still drive and do not have to notify the DVLA unless you suffer from sudden disabling giddiness. This information is clarified on the BANA members website, if you are a member of BANA take a look. So shouldn't be a problem to you providing you have no giddiness or other issues. Dont worry.


Thanks for that Mags, very reassuring, I filled in the medical questionnaire and sent it back so they know I had acoustic neuromas 30 years ago!


Hi Keith

Have copied this from the DVLA website in case anyone else is worried. Hope you hear back from them soon. Regards Mags

Acoustic Neuroma/Schwannoma

Group 1 -

Car and motorcycle

! - May drive and need not notify the DVLA unless there is sudden and disabling giddiness.

Group 2

- Bus and lorry

! - May drive and need not notify the DVLA unless there is sudden and disabling giddiness and/or the condition is bilateral.


Excellent, thank you


Got my licence ok, three years till I have to do it all again!

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Great Stuff.


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