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Mri results waiting time :) how long and how are you told? Thanks x

I have had tinnitus in my left ear for 3 months almost all the time, sounds like morse code. Dont feel like I have hearing loss although I do keep having to ask people to repeat things. Also loud sounds irritate me at times. Sometimes I feel like I have a hangover without drinking. I have a strange pressure/ fullness sensation, again not all the time but most of the time. Feel like I need to pop my ear and sometimes that does make it a bit better. I had mr mri on Saturday and was wondering what other people symptoms etc were like. Also how long for results and how were people contacted. Can also makemmy tinnitus change sound/volume if I move my jaw forward....that has only happened in the last week. I have no other jaw problems. Feeling a little worried and would appreciate some info thanks so much xxx

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Hello, I had my first MRI, following a hearing test which showed my hearing loss was greater in one ear than the other. A fortnight later I had a letter asking me to return for a second MRI, with contrast. I then received an appointment to see the ENT doctor at the hospital, for the results, a fortnight later, which is when I received my diagnosis.

At this appointment, I was told that I would be referred to a Specialist Consultant at Birmingham. I waited a further ten weeks for that appointment, & looking back, think that was probably the most difficult few weeks. It's very understandable to feel anxious, & feel that we should be seen urgently, but ANs are usually slow growing, & unless one is large, & in need of prompt treatment, consultants don't always give appointments the priority we think they deserve. This was when joining BANA, was so valuable, as all the members understand how a newly diagnosed person is feeling, can answer their questions, & are so good at giving support.

Very best wishes


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I've had tinnitus in one ear since January 2009 but not the same sounds as you have described. A little before it started I had also experienced odd (and at the time unaccountable) balance issues and the 'fullness' and pressure you mention, most of which haven't recurred anywhere near as severely. I thought little about these other sensations, putting them down to tinnitus which I already had some understanding of. The nearly 5 years since have passed fairly uneventfully....

Then in June this year (2013) I suddenly lost a lot of hearing in that ear, gained a lot more noise and went to my GP. An appointment at ENT, King's Mill, Mansfield (after my GP's immediate referraI) took just over a month but I was then fitted with a hearing aid just over a week later!

The wait for my first MRI scan was scheduled for a little under 5 weeks from the ENT consultation but was brought forward to just 4 weeks. About two weeks after that I was telephoned and offered an appointment in two weeks time (a month since the first MRI) At the consultation I learned I have an AN (something I'd suspected) and a further, Gadolinium enhanced MRI took place just under 3 weeks later. My ongoing care was transferred to Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham, where I went just under three weeks later and learned more about the size of the AN and what care was proposed. I hope my experiences help a little but I suppose wait times will vary according to region.

I'm not particularly a worrier but the uncertainty did prey on my thoughts and my wife was affected too. It's totally understandable that you would be and having to wait each time for the next step in our over-stretched NHS system only adds to the stress. Compared with Judy's wait to see the specialist I did pretty well. Now I have a diagnosis and treatment proposal I'm less worried although I'm mindful that my AN won't go away and that my hearing has been irreparably damaged.

I must become a member of BANA!

I'm Keith, live in Mansfield and am 66

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I waited 2weeks for MRI results and was told that I had an acoustic neuroma in right ear and meningioma in left ear. Right ear partially deaf, now have hearing aid which helps a lot. I do have fullness in right ear and occasional balance problems along with some eye twitching. Next MRI Feb 2014. so unless anything drastic happens will carry on.

Don't worry there is always a solution. Good luck.


Thanks so much for taking the time to reply xx


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