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Am I the only one feeling lonely?

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Hello everyone.

I know we are all passing through hard time and difficult circumstances, but the past few months I started to feel lonely more than usual.

I must always be working on something to distract myself of having this feeling but right now, I can feel deeply that we cannot run out of this feeling. We have to manage it.

I'm trying to find solutions for this issue, and I'll be grateful if we can share our experiences with each others.

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as a disabled person (ataxia, transverse myelitis, dystonia), i live mostly in my bed. when covid struck, my mum went mad and i couldn't understand until a friend of mine who is also homebound explained that shutdown for able bodied people put them into our position... so i'm not the best to respond, but no way am i going to read a message about loneliness and skip it🤗.

i think part of it is being comfortable alone with one's self. i always have been, but every once in a while i think it would be nice to spend time in person with someone who gets me. i'm lucky enough to have pets and fortunately for me my lifetime favourite hobby is reading and hasn't been affected (yet) by my illness.

also, if i really need to reach out, i live in the same house as my mum... but as the queer daughter of a proud homophobe, i shield myself from her for obvious reasons.

i'm sorry you are lonely. thanks for reaching out; stay strong.

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